Spring Clean Your Workspace

Spring Clean Your Workspace

It was a long winter, and now that the weather outside is finally starting to turn for the brighter and better, you might be getting the itch to clean out your spaces. So often we think of “Spring Cleaning” as being a home-focused annual task, but what about that other place where you spend a great deal of your time? Whether you work in a small cubicle, a large office, or any other type of workspace where you hang your hat during your shift, you’ll feel better when you clean it out and you’ll be more productive too! Here are five of our favorite simple steps to spring clean your workspace.

  • Step One: Clear it Out! A great spring cleaning begins with pulling as many items as you can out of your drawers, shelves, closets and other storage areas. This lets you take stock of all the miscellaneous items that have mysteriously collected in the nooks and crannies of your workspace throughout the winter. Aside from finding your long-lost favorite hat, or maybe that Secret Santa gift you couldn’t stand but didn’t have the heart to throw away, you’ll be able to easily prioritize what needs to stay and what can finally go into the “round file” (or maybe regifted). You’ll also set yourself up for success on the all-important next step.
  • Step Two: Wipe It Down! Now that you’ve exposed all the hidden surfaces, you can get to work cleaning your spaces by spraying them with a disinfectant or using another general cleaner like antibacterial wipes and a compressed air canister to get rid of the dust and dirt from the past several months. If you find yourself muttering under your breath about how much you hate this, just think about how fresh and clean it will feel when you get done. This is totally worth it, so don’t cut corners! Spray and wipe it all down – everything you’re your keyboards to phones to printers, not to mention all your walls, shelves and floor surfaces.
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  • Step Three: Put It All Back! This is where your hard work will start paying off, because now you’ll have less stuff and you can restore the truly necessary items to your spaces in a more organized and easily accessible way. Think about what you use the most often and keep those items within reach. The other less commonly used items can go into your drawers, but resist the temptation to place items on top of each other. Any sort of clog like that will only invite more clutter, and you don’t want to be back to your winter mess before summer even begins. Maybe it’s time to invest in a simple desk organizer or to refresh your current one.
  • Step Four: Time for an eCleaning! Does your electronic desktop have so many files that it looks like one of those photo collages where you blur your vision and it reveals a hidden image? If so, it’s time you sorted those documents out to file the ones you really need and recycle the ones you don’t. For example, does that meme of the grouchy cat in a tiara really need to stay? (Yes, you realize it does. Fair enough.) Seriously, it’s fine to be an electronic pack rat, but it might help to have a system that organizes the files in a logical way for you to find. This will save you time and frustration as you work. Your email inbox is another place that could probably stand to have a quick sorting session. This shouldn’t even take an hour, and you’ll be less stressed when you’re done – especially since you’ll be able to see that beautiful beachfront desktop background again instead of all those uglyNeat Office Space with Potted Flower file icons!
  • Step Five: Get a Green Friend! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are many species of hard-to-kill indoor plants that can freshen up your space in both sight and smell. You’ll be surprised at how much brighter and happier a workspace can feel with just a small green friend to keep you company while you’re going through your daily grind. The simple act of watering and caring for a plant, as silly as this may sound, has actually been shown to be therapeutic. For just a few dollars, you can get a small cactus for your desk or other spot in your everyday line of sight. It’ll make you happier, and maybe even your coworkers too!

After you’ve completed these five steps, why not take things to the next level for your business and contact your local AdvantaClean service provider for the best air duct cleaning for your workspace this spring? Cleaner, fresher air makes for happier, healthier and more effective employees. Since 1994, AdvantaClean has been the #1 trusted name for every air quality service, and our locally-owned providers are standing by to serve you and your business today with our powerful HEPA-filtered suction systems and our unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail. Contact us now!

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