Common Places to Find Mold in Commercial Properties

Common Places to Find Mold in Commercial Properties

As a commercial business owner, you’ve got a lot going on. So probably one of the last things on your mind is mold – until you or one of your employees catches a whiff of something musty or a glimpse of a suspicious-looking spot on a wall or other surface. Then your priority list changes pretty quickly, right? It should, because mold can cause so many different problems for your business: issues like structural damage, poor indoor air quality, a higher risk of being in violation of OSHA workplace standards and most importantly of all, a higher rate of sickness among your employees (and even possibly your customers, depending upon the application of your commercial property). Even if you haven’t found mold, now’s the time to start looking with this checklist of five common places to find mold in commercial properties. We strongly recommend that you make time in your busy schedule for a periodic mold inspection – maybe during one of your routine safety walks throughout your property.

  1. THE JANITOR'S CLOSET – Mold spores love to grow where the temperature and moisture conditions are just right, and the maintenance closet is the perfect place to have a big mold party if you’re a toxic spore looking for a new spot. Especially if you’ve got a sink or even just a drain of some kind in a dark closet, you should think about providing proper ventilation for those spaces because if they’re left alone for too long, mold could develop before you know it.
  2. STORAGE ROOMS – Again, if you’re not checking these areas periodically, you’re hoping for “out of sight, out of mold” but that’s not how this works! The more you ignore potential hot spots for mold, including those storage rooms where dark, moist conditions can easily last for days, weeks or even months at a time, then you’re just asking for mold trouble. Set time aside for your teams to clean out and organize their storage areas, and especially make sure items are stored off of the floors because if a box or other surface stays wet for too long, then here comes the mold!

    What You Can't See Can Damage Your Business!
  3. DUCTWORK – When was the last time you had your ventilation system cleaned and inspected? We know you’ve probably got a lot of ducts throughout your workspaces, but that means you’ve got an even greater responsibility to make sure that they’re receiving a proper air duct cleaning on a routine basis. Your HVAC system will be working harder if it’s clogged with all kinds of particles, and over time as gunk builds up in your ducts, moldy spores can develop along with them. Do you really want to be breathing in toxic mold particles throughout your building?
  4. BATHROOMS – This may sound like a no-brainer because your bathrooms probably have the highest concentration of moisture, especially if you have shower facilities for your workers, but fixtures like your toilets as well as your tile and other surfaces can be perfect places for mold to grow if you’re not making sure they’re cleaned and ventilated properly. Make sure to check these areas daily and hold your maintenance staff or other assigned personnel accountable for keeping these areas mold-free. It’s easy to get so tied up in operations and logistics and payroll and the million other things you have on your mind as a commercial business owner – but sometimes, it’s the very basic things that will get you, so keep the bathrooms on your radar.
  5. BREAK ROOMS – Think about the decade’s worth of miscellaneous who-knows-what in the cabinet under the sink, or even scarier: what about your common fridge? Is Edna’s chicken salad sandwich from last July still smashed behind Herb’s long-forgotten block of cheddar cheese? Even if it’s not that bad in there, do you have a plan for making sure that mold isn’t going to develop in your appliances? This can be as simple as assigning a cleaning rotation. We know, we know – Barry’s probably going to raise a stink to HR and claim that wasn’t in his job description, but we bet he’ll be calling OSHA instead if he finds a moldy mess the next time he’s on break!

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