How to Know Your Property Needs to be Tested for Mold

How to Know Your Property Needs to be Tested for Mold

One of the many things you have to constantly think about as a commercial business owner is the condition of your property: everything from physical appearance and structural readiness on the outside to the comfort and safety of the inside. But as you go about conducting routine walk-throughs of your facilities to inspect the working conditions for your employees, one of the things you should have on your radar is the possibility of mold developing. Unfortunately, mold is a resilient type of organism that can develop virtually anywhere when the right temperature and moisture conditions are met. Given enough time to grow, mold can show up in all kinds of places, from your break room to the bathroom, from storage areas to janitor closets (and that’s not even counting your ductwork, attics, basements and other areas that are filled with dark, damp nooks and crannies where mold can grow and expand into a major issue). So let us show you how to know your property needs to be tested for mold – here are the top three signs that you should schedule a professional mold inspection and mold testing service.

  1. FUNKY SMELLS. We’re not talking about your coworker’s failure to change his socks (although, we suppose mold could theoretically be growing there too…!) – instead, we mean the musty, can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-what-that-is kind of smell that you catch in certain spots in your structure. If you’re not gifted with a super-sniffer, then find a fellow employee who is and ask her to put that sensitive schnoz to work throughout the building. If she catches wind of something that smells a bit off, then you should do a further visual examination of the area to see if you can spot the source of the odor. This might mean cleaning out a storage room or pulling down a drop-ceiling tile and grabbing a flashlight to take a peek around. If you can’t find what’s causing the smell, then you might want to have a mold test conducted just to be on the safe side.
  2. SUSPICIOUS SPOTS.If you see discoloration on your walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, then there’s a good chance you’ll need to have a deeper look to see if there is any water damage. The longer you wait to confirm this, the worse the potential problem will be – so as soon as someone in your office or on your crew notices a spot, take action. If you’re an employee, alert your supervisor – and if you’re the supervisor, then don’t blow them off! A water damage problem could be worse than just a leak. It might be developing into a moldy spot that can have negative effects on your indoor air quality and causing adverse health reactions among members of your team. Don’t wait to get a mold test done in addition to finding the source of the leak that’s causing the discolored spot.
  3. HEALTH SYMPTOMS. If you’ve noticed that more of your employees are sick than usual, and it’s not just a round of the latest bug – and especially if those employees seem to be clustered in the same part of a workspace – then you should be thinking about the possibility of mold being the culprit and scheduling a mold test. It can’t hurt to confirm whether mold is the source of all the red, watery and itchy eyes plus the headaches, coughs, and other respiratory inflammations that you might be observing among your team members. Don’t let a small bill for a mold test keep you from doing the right thing to take care of your staff! Besides, you’ll be saving a lot more in the long run if you find out that mold is the cause of the sickness because you’ll be avoiding the loss of labor due to call-offs for sick days and other reductions in the productivity of your employees.

What You Can't See Can Damage Your Business! What can a professional mold inspection and mold testing service do for you? For starters, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that your facility is getting the most advanced mold testing services available – wouldn’t it be nice to know if you’re dealing with a relatively harmless strain or a more potent and toxic form of black mold? And are you sure if you go the cheapest route and DIY that mold test that you’re actually testing all the affected areas in your structure? Instead, call the mold inspection and mold testing experts here at AdvantaClean because since 1994, we’ve been using the most sophisticated technology to find all of the mold lurking in any structure – even the spots that are behind your walls. We’re thorough in all of our work, and thoroughly committed to making your workplace the safest space possible for you and your employees. We’re locally owned and staffed by the best-trained, best-equipped and most professional mold remediation teams in the nation. Contact us today for all your mold testing and mold removal needs, because it’s not clean unless it’s AdvantaClean!

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