Humidity Control in Your Business

Humidity Control in Your Business

As a business leader, no matter the size of your operation, you’ve got a lot to do every day as you take care of your customers, your employees, your products and services, and your equipment and facilities. So chances are that one of the last things on your mind is the humidity of your indoor work environment, but we’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes to learn about humidity control in your business and why it’s important for your employees’ morale as well as your bottom line.

    Even if you and your team members enjoy a more humid indoor environment, especially during the winter months when it’s easy to get dry skin, if you let things get out of hand with the moisture in your air, over time you can run into bigger problems for your business like mold growth. Mold comes in so many strains and species, but the thing that most of them have in common is the incredible ability to grow in all sorts of moist environments. You don’t want to create a breeding ground for toxic black mold or any other spores that can affect your workplace’s indoor air quality and even the structural integrity of the building itself if things get out of hand. Mold will keep eating away at surfaces as long as you let it, so one simple way to avoid this bigger problem is to keep your humidity within a middle range throughout the year.
    On the flip side of the humidity scale, you don’t want things to be too dry in your office, either, because then you’re going to run into lots of quality of life issues for your workers, like irritated skin, dry eyes and sinuses, and other physical discomfort. But once again, the consequences aren’t solely for the people -- it’s your property that can suffer, too. Furniture surfaces and especially wood floors can crack over time if the humidity in your workplace is too low. Eventually that can create additional expenses in your annual budget that you weren’t planning on.
    We recommend keeping your indoor air somewhere in the 45%-55% range. This will be the “sweet spot” between the folks who like things closer to Arizona and the others who want the office to feel like Miami, and beyond employee satisfaction, this will be the ideal reading to preserve your facilities from moisture control issues like mold on the one hand and increased physical irritation on the other. If you don’t already have a hygrometer in your workspace, you can order one online or buy one locally for as little as $10. Because the cost is so low, you may want to buy one for each room, or at least one per section of your building. After all, the humidity near the doors, near the HVAC system, or near industrial workspaces, just to name a few, can be very different. So for a small investment, you can easily see what kind of humidity you’re dealing with in each area and make an action plan based on the numbers. Your employees will thank you for it, and they’ll probably be more productive because they’re experiencing fewer sinus problems and other physical symptoms.

    Is Poor Air Quality Affecting Your Productivity?
    The good news is that you may not have to spend a lot of money or time to get things in the happy middle ground of the humidity scale. If your air is too dry, you can simply buy a humidifier for each space that needs more moisture throughout the workday. Or, if things are too moist for your liking, get a dehumidifier instead. Either way, just make sure that you plan a few minutes into your busy schedule each week to make sure that they’re being maintained properly. You don’t want these machines that have water in them to start producing mold themselves because they’ve been left unattended for weeks at a time! Refer to the owner’s manuals of your devices and you’ll see that routine maintenance for either kind of machine is really simple and totally worth the small effort in order to get your office humidity right. Another technique is to place some open containers of water near your furnace in the winter to help get more moisture into your air during the colder months. The simplest method is to simply spray some water into the air with a small bottle, although we realize you probably don’t have a lot of time to do this as you’re running your business!
    If you discover mold or have any serious concerns about moisture control in your commercial business, then don’t hesitate to reach out to your local AdvantaClean service provider for an assessment of how to improve your indoor air quality, your employees’ quality of life, and your overall efficiency and safety as a business. We’re standing by to serve you as a fellow company that’s committed to superior results for a fair price. Let us get your business running as clean and healthy as possible -- contact us today! It’s not clean until it’s AdvantaClean.

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