Seasonal PTAC Maintenance Tips

Seasonal PTAC Maintenance Tips

Packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) need routine maintenance before, during and after the winter months when they’ll be working the hardest to keep your commercial spaces warm. Especially if you’re using these units in a hotel or motel, think about your guests’ comfort level and satisfaction with their stay if they’re cozy and warm – then consider the opposite feedback you’ll be getting if they’re cold. You’ll also want to think about the health impacts of not properly cleaning these units, especially if you’re operating a health care facility. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of preventive maintenance to keep your PTAC running in optimal condition, which will not only make it perform at its best now, but will also help extend its life before needing to be replaced. Here are some seasonal PTAC maintenance tips you shouldn’t forget during your routine maintenance at your commercial business.

  1. CLEAN THEM MONTHLY. Throughout the year, you’ll want to ensure that your maintenance crew or other trained and capable team members perform some basic tasks to keep the units running efficiently. This could extend their life from several years to a decade or even longer – many newer units are rated to last as long as 15 years, but in order to make it that long, they’ll have to be cleaned often. The following steps are recommended for your monthly cleaning list. This may seem like a lot to do, but if your assigned team members start doing it every month, they’ll get more efficient at cleaning it over time and it won’t be as much of a hassle for them to add this to their regular maintenance routine.
  2. WASH THE COILS AND BASE PAN. Wash all of the coils inside with a low-pressure water system because a high-pressure washer could damage the internal components. When you clean the base pan, also make sure that the drain valve is clear. You’ll want to let the unit dry out before reassembling.
  3. CLEAN THE BLOWER WHEEL. This wheel can easily get caked with particles over time if it’s not periodically brushed off. Make sure you clean this section as well as any other areas on the heater that have collected dirt, dust, lint or other debris. You can also use a vacuum to suction these particles away.
  4. CHECK THE AIR FILTERS. If the filters are dirty, clean them too. Or, if they’ve become damaged, then make sure to replace them. Properly cleaning and replacing filters will help extend the life of the unit and will give people inside the building the cleanest, freshest air possible to breathe.
  5. WIPE DOWN THE EXTERIOR. This will not only make the unit more physically presentable, showing to your staff and customers that you take care of your equipment, but it will also prevent additional debris from entering the unit.
  6. DO AN OVERALL INSPECTION. Check to make sure that all the knobs, buttons, plugs and other pieces of the assembly are functioning properly and aren’t presenting any electrical or other safety issues. Turn the unit on to ensure that it’s good to go for both hot and cold operation.

Is Poor Air Quality Affecting Your Productivity?

You may be thinking, “We’ve already got so much to do – we can’t do this every month!” If that’s the case, then we encourage you to think about the potential savings in the long run on replacing PTAC units that have died prematurely due to a lack of proper maintenance. There’s also a bigger potential issue between now and then: mold. Leave your PTACs alone long enough and there’s a good chance that toxic mold spores will develop because the moisture and temperature conditions are just right for them to feed on all the gunk that’s collected inside your dirty PTAC unit. You don’t want your PTACs blowing moldy particles into your commercial spaces, right? Of course not! So keep up the routine maintenance to avoid these problems.

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