There Is an Odor in My Office

There Is an Odor in My Office

You’re just trying to get your work done, but dang – it smells in here! You’re pretty sure Carl changed his socks this week, and Cheryl is on vacation so you don’t have to deal with her perfume for a week, but still there is an odor in your office and you have to do something about it. So let’s run down the list of possible sources of the stench and give you some practical tips on how to get rid of the stink for good.

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  1. TRASH CANS. We’re not trying to insult your intelligence here, because we’re assuming you’ve already taken out the trash before reading this blog. But we want to ask you how long it’s been since your maintenance team or a good Samaritan on your staff actually sanitized the cans themselves. You might have a stench problem because of goop that’s been collecting on the can whenever the liner was punctured and coffee or other liquids leaked through.
  2. FRIDGE AND FREEZER. This one follows the same logic as the trash cans: when was the last time someone really cleaned out the fridge and freezer, meaning they actually wiped them down after throwing away all the random forgotten lunches and snacks that people have been leaving in there for days, weeks or even months? It might be time to take one for the team and get your hands dirty to get rid of the smell. Don’t forget to add a small box of baking soda to both compartments and change them out every 30 days to help with ongoing smells.
  3. RODENTS AND ROACHES. Okay, we know you’re probably not going to want to think about this possibility, but there’s always a chance that a little mouse or maybe even a fat rat got stuck behind a storage cabinet, desk or other fixture in your office. An important part of your office’s routine cleaning and maintenance plan should be to periodically pull all the pieces of furniture, appliances and other items away from the walls to clean and make sure that there aren’t little critters who met their fate in the nooks and crannies of your workspace. This is also a great opportunity to place traps to eliminate any further invasions of unwanted guests. If the thought of a rodent makes you want to climb on top of your desk until quitting time, then ask your coworker to check for you – maybe the one who still owes you for that time you covered for them when they were late!
  4. MOLD AND MILDEW. The bad news is that moldy spores can grow almost anywhere – all it takes is for the temperature and moisture conditions to be right and you can sprout all kinds of patches of nastiness that will eventually create gross smells in your office. This means that you’ll need to do some more investigating in the unseen places of your workplace. Even a tiny water leak or a spill that wasn’t properly cleaned and dried can give mold and its cousin mildew a great place to start growing. So do a visual (and sniffing) inspection above your ceiling tiles, behind your furniture and yes, even in that one scary maintenance closet where nobody wants to look. You might have a dirty mop head that just needs to be swapped out, or you could have something worse waiting for you. If you’ve discovered anything that even looks like mold, then it’s best to be sure and not take chances because black mold and other toxic spores can cause all sorts of health issues for you and your coworkers. The good news is that help is just a call or click away!
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