Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold winter months can be brutal for your body, whether you’re outside or even just indoors. This includes your skin: think about how dry and sensitive it can get as the long winter drags on. You’ve probably tried using lotions or moisturizers, but even those can leave your skin too slippery and it’s just one more hassle in the midst of so many holiday tasks on your to do list. So we’ve prepared a list of some simple winter skin care tips that will help you stay as happy and healthy as possible for whatever the rest of this season will bring.

  1. Turn down the temperature.

    This counts for both your furnace setting and the water you’re using to wash your hands and bathe in. More heat can actually reduce the amount of moisture in your skin, and hot air from a furnace or even a cozy fireplace can also dry your skin out. So aim for warm water at the most when you’re taking a brief shower or even washing your hands. It might not feel as satisfying to take a five or ten minute shower, but you could be helping your body to retain some of its natural oils. Also try to limit the amount of time you’re putting your hands under an air dryer when you’re out and about doing shopping or other holiday traveling. Man setting thermostat to cool in his home
  2. Choose a cream.

    If you’ve been using lotions throughout the year, you might want to try a thicker cream or even an ointment during the winter months. These can help restore moisture to your skin, especially your hands if you’re working outside or washing them frequently at your job. For routine tasks like dishwashing, you can also grab a pair of gloves to help protect your hands Caring for your winter skin with moisturizing creamfrom the extended exposure to hot and cold water.
  3. Sunscreen – seriously?

    Yep, that’s right, even in the winter months, you can get a sunburn, especially if there’s snow on the ground because it reflects so much of the sunlight. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water even in the colder months, just like you would during the summer, because your body needs water inside if it’s going to get moisture to your skin to protect it from the outside elements that are waging war on it.
  4. Dress for success.

    You probably already know that some warmer fabrics like wool can irritate your skin and contribute to your sense of discomfort on top of the already dry, itchy problems you’ve been experiencing. So make sure to choose layered clothes and gloves that will keep you warm while also gliding across your skin. Maybe you’ll need to invest a little bit more in your wardrobe to get the right fabrics for your skin’s sensitivity level, but the extra expense will make a world of difference for your overall happiness.
  5. Humidify for happiness.

    Investing in even just a basic humidifier for your living spaces can also make a big difference for your skin to counteract all the drying forces that are everywhere inside and outside your home. You’ll probably want to place it wherever you’ll be the most during the winter months, and it can’t hurt to have an extra one in your bedroom too. Or, you can always move your single unit around as needed. Check manufacturer recommendations for the size of humidifier that’s best for your space.
  6. Talk to your doc.

    If you’ve already tried some or all of the ideas listed above, you may just want to have a conversation with your medical provider about your body’s skin type and how to best take care of it. Maybe you’re just naturally more prone to skin irritation and there’s a prescription that your doc can give you to improve your skin year-round.

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