Protecting Your Business From Water Damage

Protecting Your Business From Water Damage

There’s a lot going on in your business, no matter how large or small your operation might be. Every day you’ve got deadlines to meet, documents to review, systems to keep functioning – it never slows down. Thinking about water damage may be lower on your priority list because of all that’s happening, but stop to consider how quickly your daily operations could come to a screeching halt if you had a major leak, or even a minor one in a critical area. And what if that minor leak goes unnoticed for days, weeks or months? Even a small amount of water over time can cause structural damage, mold, and other kinds of occupational hazards in your workplace. So to protect your business from water damage, we’ve developed a simple checklist of five things you can do to proactively minimize your risk:

    Does your business have the proper insurance coverage for flood damage or other moisture-related damage? What if a severe storm causes hail damage that allows rain in through the roof? What if any number of other scenarios? Review your policy to make sure that you’ve got the coverage you need to protect your business in case of a water damage situation. This is especially important for a small business because a repair bill reaching into thousands of dollars, plus lost expenses for operational impacts, could be catastrophic.
    If you’re not already doing so as a business leader, it’s important to circulate your entire workspace on a regular basis to inspect for safety-related issues, and this should include taking an extra look around areas that are prone to water damage. This means opening up that janitor’s closet, boiler room, or other mechanical rooms where pipes, water heaters and other sources of moisture can easily develop into problems like puddles of water which can destroy your surfaces and eventually lead to other issues like mold. You’ll also want to know exactly where the main water valve shutoff is located – and make sure that plenty of other folks on your team know too in case you’re not there when a leak happens.
    You’ll also want to walk around the exterior of your facility and make sure that the downspouts are effectively channeling rainwater away from the foundation of your building. Gutters should also be kept free of debris so that water doesn’t start dripping around the perimeter of your building and pooling, where it can seep into your foundation.
    Make sure that all items in your storage areas, and throughout your entire facility if possible, are kept on pallets, shelves or other ways of elevating them in case of an indoor flooding situation. Documents are especially important to secure at a higher level so that they aren’t destroyed by leaking water.
    During the warmer months, it’s easy to forget that soon enough, things will be plenty cold outside – and when the temperature drops below freezing, you’re going to run an increased risk of pipes bursting. Basic insulation for your pipes is extremely affordable and easy to install yourself. Sure, it’s another chore to add to your already enormous to do list, but find some time in your calendar and budget to make this happen and you could be saving yourself many thousands of dollars in lost revenue later.

What You Can't See Can Damage Your Business!

If you’ve discovered water damage, or you’re not sure whether you might need a water damage or mold remediation expert to take a look, then you should address the problem right away. But you don’t want just any water damage restoration company to examine the issue, and you’ll want a service provider who has a long-standing reputation for being thorough, efficient and affordable. Plus, the company should have the best people, equipment and training available. The good news is that AdvantaClean meets all those criteria, and our locally-owned franchises are located throughout the country! Give our water removal and moisture mitigation teams the opportunity to assess and remedy your water damage issues and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small flood cleanup or a huge sewer cleanup scenario – we’ve seen it all and we know how to make your unwanted moisture disappear. Since 1994, we’ve been the #1 name in every moisture control service for all kinds of homes and business across America. We’re only a call or a click away, so get in touch with us now. And remember: it’s not clean until it’s AdvantaClean!

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