Harmful Air Quality in Hospitals

Harmful Air Quality in Hospitals

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are meant to be places of healing, but far too often they can become breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria and other toxic contaminants. It’s so important for leaders in the healthcare industry to think about indoor air quality for their patients and staff, because the last thing that should happen is someone actually getting sick from being in a hospital environment. Airborne pollutants of all kinds -- from outdoor exhaust being drawn into the hospital’s ventilation system, to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from cleaning solvents, to dust and debris from renovations and routine maintenance -- can all make patients’ illnesses get even worse. Clean, fresh air is essential for healthy living, especially when you’re sick, so below are some simple ways to reduce harmful air quality in hospitals. This will keep your healthcare facilities as clean as possible for your patients and the hardworking folks who take care of them!

    You already know how important it is to keep your facility clean, including disinfecting for bacteria and sanitizing surfaces on a consistent basis to minimize the spread of infectious organisms to others in the building. But have you thought about how you ventilate fresh air through your facility? This can be as important as the cleaning itself, because so many harmful compounds from cleaning solvents and other substances can degrade the quality of the air your patients and staff are breathing. If you’re able to open windows periodically throughout your facility, this will introduce fresh outdoor air to help alleviate any problems from contaminated indoor air. You may not want to do this for any windows near vehicle or generator exhaust. If you’re not able to open windows, then consult with your maintenance staff about how your HVAC system is equipped to exchange outdoor and indoor air. You’ll also want to ask them when the last time the air ducts were cleaned, because this might be another source of moldy material that could negatively affect the air that building occupants are breathing.
    Think about the many linear yards of ductwork in your building -- depending on the size and scope of your facility, you may have miles of ventilation system! Now think about all the places that dirt, dander, dust, and all sorts of other debris have probably been collecting in those ducts for months, years or even decades. That’s a lot of potential gunk that provides ideal breeding grounds for mold spores to develop when the temperature and moisture conditions are just right. Over time these moldy spots can cause problems for the rest of the building as air circulates through your vents and is pumped into the various rooms where your patients and staff are breathing. A professional air duct cleaning from AdvantaClean will deep-clean the entire length of your ductwork and reduce the amount of potential airborne allergens and toxic particles by suctioning them away and freshening the air with a HEPA filtration system.
    Another important service that goes along with your air duct cleaning is a dryer vent cleaning service because of all the lint that is created from your in-house laundry services. Think about the thousands of loads of laundry that you’re doing and how much debris is generated in your dryers and their attached vents. The National Fire Administration recommends an annual dryer vent cleaning to minimize the risk of a dryer vent fire. AdvantaClean offers the best dryer vent cleaning services in the industry with our attention to detail and genuine concern for your healthcare business -- especially the safety of your patients and staff. Let us get to work for you right away.
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    Since 1994, AdvantaClean has been helping commercial businesses of all sizes to have the cleanest, freshest air possible. That’s 25 years of a solid reputation for superior service and a passionate commitment to a job well done. Our indoor air quality technicians use all the best techniques recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaner Association (NADCA) to ensure that your air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning service is going to set your healthcare facility up for success. Our powerful HEPA-filtered suction systems and our highly-trained staff will ensure that every foot of your ductwork gets truly clean. We’re locally-owned and operated, which means we’re your neighbors, so you should expect the best from us, and that’s what we give.

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