Last Minute Checklist for Holiday Guests

Last Minute Checklist for Holiday Guests

Hooray, the holidays are here again! If you’re not shouting for joy this season because of all the hundred things that you have to do on top of your usual to-do list, especially if you’re planning to host friends and family, then let us help you with this handy last minute checklist for holiday guests. Here are ten easy ways to make your holiday gathering a resounding success!

  1. Confirm your RSVP list.
    You can’t plan for guests unless you know how many plan to join you, so after you’ve posted your online invitation or sent out an email, you’ll also want to send a gentle reminder to those who haven’t RSVPed. It’s a good idea to plan for at least 10% more than your final number, just iGrocery bag full of fresh ingredientsn case someone decides at the last minute to join you, or maybe they have another friend who wants to tag along.
  2. Make your shopping list.
    Take some time to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and your favorite stationery or app, and really think through everything you’ll need for your big shindig: not only the food and drinks, but also the utensils and napkins, the decorations and also the cleaning supplies and trash bags you’ll need before and after the event. Double-check your recipes and what you have on hand already so that you don’t get home from the store and realize you have to make another trip for the cranberry sauce!
  3. Wash your linens.
    If you’re hosting family or friends overnight, then don’t forget to wash the sheets in the guest bed and lay out towels and other welcome items for your guests.

    inviting guest room ready for holiday guests
  4. Don’t forget about your pets.
    If you’ve got four-legged friends that get a little antsy when strangers are over for a visit, then make a plan for them to stay in a closed room with a special toy or treat to keep them calm during your gathering. If you’ve got a particularly feisty little fella, then consider boarding him for the night with a trusted vet. This might check something off your regular to-do list: if you need to get to the vet anyway, maybe they can do a routine checkup to save you the hassle of a trip later.
  5. Clean common spaces.
    Start with all the areas where you know your guests will be gathering to socialize and eat: this means wiping down all your kitchen surfaces and especially giving your bathroom a deep-clean before they arrive. Vacuuming your couches and upholstered seats is another good idea to make things as fresh and clean as possible. If you’re worried about snooping guests peeking inside your bedrooms, then make some time to at least straighten up the bedding and store any laundry or clutter.
  6. Decorate, and have fun doing it!
    Hosting loved ones at the holidays should be an enjoyable process, not something you drudge your way through. If you have a spouse and/or kids at home, then don’t take the task list all on yourself. Invite them to turn off whatever they’re watching and join you in the fun of decorating your home for guests. This will be valuable family time together before the delightful chaos of hosting an event.
  7. Add some cozy candles.
    Light some all-natural scented candles to make things even more festive – honey candles are a perfect way to add some ambiance and a fresh scent to your fellowship space, and the best part Young couple greeting in-laws at front door for holiday dinneris that they will clean your air too! If you’re a big potpourri fan, that’s great – just bear in mind you can really degrade your indoor air quality if you’re using products that have manmade chemical additives.

    Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape with Informal Place Settings
  8. Create a holiday playlist.
    Make sure to set up your favorite streaming app or playlist that you’ve saved so they’re ready to create an even more inviting and warm place for your guests to gather and enjoy time together. Think about your favorites, but also the types of music that your family and friends might enjoy too. You might even ask one of them to help you out by bringing their own playlists and streaming them on your device.
  9. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!
    Hosting can be incredibly stressful as you seek to meet the needs of your guests – but they want you to enjoy the time with them too! Don’t get so busy with serving others that you forget to serve yourself first. That’s not selfish, because the happier you are, the happier you’ll make everyone else. So plan some time before or after your big holiday event to pamper yourself. You deserve it!
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