Pet Safety During the Holidays

Pet Safety During the Holidays

The holidays are such a wonderful time with family and friends, and that includes your four-legged fur babies. We’re naturally more focused on keeping ourselves safe as we drive from place to place on cold, slick roads and safe when we’re at home snuggled up in front of a fireplace, but it’s easy to overlook the important steps that need to be taken to protect the animals we love so much from any harm. So while you’re enjoying yourself with the people and pets you love the most, we encourage you to also think about pet safety during the holidays. Here are six simple, helpful tips to make sure that everyone makes it into a new year (and a new decade!) safe and sound this holiday season.

  1. Pets eating at tablePEOPLE FOOD. It’s tempting to share your delectable dishes with your pets, but the reality is that many of the foods we eat as humans can be toxic to our furry friends. This includes a variety of holiday favorites, including chocolate and even turkey.
  2. PLANTS AND POTPOURRI. Two other common sources of harm to our pets can come from indoor plants and the lovely-smelling potpourri which many homeowners use to decorate and warm up their homes around this time of year. This includes mistletoe and holly, so make sure you are keeping your little friends from having access to these, especially if they’re great climbers!

    Cat Playing with Christmas Ornaments on Tree
  3. CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. It’s easy for a tree to fall over if it’s bumped by a pet, so if you have a large dog or even a very active cat, find a way to keep your tree secured to the wall or make sure it’s properly supported from below. You’ll also want to keep your pets from being able to chew on holiday light strings, so keep them out of reach as much as possible.
  4. HOSTING PARTIES. If your pet is easily scared or excited by the arrival of friends and family, then find a safe and comfortable place in your home where it can be safely kept to wait out the event in comfort. Use a favorite piece of bedding and best-loved toys to keep your pet occupied while you enjoy having company over. This also goes for any periods where you think fireworks may be set off in your area, like New Year’s Eve.
  5. CANDLES. If you’re trying to set the mood and save a little on your electric bill, that’s great -- but don’t let your pets have access to any area where candles are lit. This is most important for cats, who are often expert climbers and who may be fascinated with a flickering flame.
  6. TRASH. Prevent your pets from having access to your trash, especially after a holiday gathering when toxic foods and other substances could pose a threat to your pet’s health. Nobody likes taking out the garbage, least of all this time of year when it’s so cold outside, but take a couple minutes to preserve your pet’s safety and your indoor environment by getting the trash into your outdoor receptacle.

How Healthy Is Your Home?

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