The Most Germ-Filled Areas in Your Office

The Most Germ-Filled Areas in Your Office

Jobs are essential, but jobs mean germs! Whether it’s the location of your commercial business, the contaminants inside your work environment, or even your coworkers who might not be as clean-minded as you are, there are so many places where germs can collect. Especially during the cold winter months when it’s cold and flu season, plus the fact that you’re not going to be airing out your office and workspaces as often because it’s so cold outside, it’s important to take note of the most germ-filled areas in your office and set aside time in your work schedule to ensure they’re properly cleaned. Sure, you’re already way busier than you’d like to be, but think about how far behind you’ll fall if your coworkers are calling out for illness! Once you’ve established a good baseline cleaning, it won’t take much effort each day to keep things sanitary and safe. Here are five key areas to look for when cleaning your workplace:

1️⃣ –DESKS.
Office workers will be touching things on their desks all day long: everything from keyboards to phones to pens and files. So make sure that your team members all have easy access to antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer and sinks to wash their hands. (But you’ll also need to supervise and politely remind folks to actually use these resources! It’s so easy to get busy with our to-do lists and forget to do the basics like handwashing.)

When was the last time your common fridge and eating areas had a thorough wipe-down with an antibacterial solution? One way to make sure this happens, especially if you don’t have a maintenance team to take care of this job every day, is to assign a rotating roster of who cleans what. When everyone pitches in, there will be a sense of communal responsibility for cleanliness, and this will probably lead to less of a mess to clean up in the first place. Include on your list to wipe down all surfaces, clean out the fridge of unclaimed or forgotten food items once a week, and to keep the cleaning supplies stocked and organized in an easily accessible and visible location.

While you’re at it, make sure that someone on your team is wiping down the door handles throughout your facility on a regular basis, ideally at least once a day. You never know what kinds of germs your coworkers and customers are bringing into the facility with them, so this is an easy way to decrease the spread of germs in your office. Consider installing hand sanitizer dispensers or even antibacterial wipes on the wall near your entrance doors, and encourage your team members to wipe down the public areas where they work throughout the workday as they serve customers and work together at places like conference rooms and common workstations.

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Yeah, you knew this one would be on the list, right? Of course these rooms are going to be among the most germ-infested locations in your commercial business. Conduct a daily walk-through of your restroom facilities to ensure that they’re being cleaned properly by your maintenance crew, contracted cleaning company, or the associates who have been assigned a rotation to help clean them. Remember that this is a safety issue! Germs can be spread so easily from a toilet seat or even a sink knob. If your bathrooms are high-traffic areas for both customers and associates, then make sure that someone is checking them hourly. This may be a pain to think about in the middle of all the other operational concerns you have as a business leader, but again, think about the alternative: you might get a health department complaint, or even worse, your team members and customers might get sick.

These are two additional examples of locations that are used by many people who might not have clean hands when they touch them. Take a walk through your entire workspace and identify the other specific places in your unique business where germs might be hiding in plain sight, just ready to wreak havoc on your employees’ immune systems.

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