Discover How Diffusers Improve the Air in Your Home

Discover How Diffusers Improve the Air in Your Home

How important is indoor air quality? Important enough that the EPA says it’s one of the leading threats to Americans’ heath! When you continue to breathe all of the dusty, dirty particles that can so easily collect in your closed indoor environment, you can experience all kinds of health issues over time. Wouldn’t it be much better to have cleaner, fresher air to breathe instead? We all deserve great air in the places where we live, so if you’re interested in making your living spaces healthier and more enjoyable to live in, then read on because we’ll help you discover how diffusers improve the air in your home.

  • What is a diffuser?
    A diffuser is an electric device that combines substances with water to create a light mist that can permeate throughout a living space. Depending upon the size and functionality of the diffuser, larger living spaces can be covered for shorter or longer periods of time. A simple online search will give you dozens of options to fit your indoor space and needs.
  • What are essential oils? Essential Oil Bottle and Herbs
    Essential oils are organic compounds that are extracted from various plants in order to distill the scent and medicinal beneBottle of Essential Oilfits of the plant into a highly concentrated form that is combined with an oil to hold the compounds until you’re ready to use them. The oils generally come in very small vials because they are so potent; in many cases, depending upon the application you desire, just a drop or two of an essential oil can be used to pack a big punch for your health and indoor air quality needs. Essential oils come in many different formulas: everything from lavender to lemon, from vanilla to a variety of other herbs and spices. Each one has unique properties that have been shown to have medicinal benefits for humans when used in certain ways.
  • How much do diffusers and essential oils cost?
    The quick answer is: “It depends.” You can buy a cheap air diffuser that will have basic functions and cover a small area of your home for as little as $15. Larger and more sophisticated models can be hundreds of dollars and they provide more options for controlling the rate and timing of diffusion into your living space. Essential oils likewise depend on the quality and purity of the oils and they can vary widely from brand to brand. Doing your research on which essential oils are right for you will be important if you want to maximize the potential benefits that theyRelaxed girl on couch at home can bring to your home.
  • What are some of the rewards?
    Essential oils, when used properly and safely in a variety of ways, have been reported to reduce stress, headaches, and anxiety, and even help your immune system. They can also help purify your indoor air and actually clean it instead of just masking the foul odors like chemically-heavy commercial air freshening products often do. When essential oils are used in an air diffuser, they can even help you sleep better and relax when you’re awake. If you have allergies, however, just make sure that you’ve consulted your doctor before diffusing oils into your home because you don’t want to make asthma or other medical conditions worse.
  • What are other potential risks?
    With diffusers, you’re not going to have any significant safety risk because there is minimal risk of them causing a home fire (like a scented candle would), they don’t require a lot of electricity and they are generally easy to maintain. However, you do want to clean your diffuser regularly to avoid having moldy particles or other environmental contaminants developing inside the device. This can easily happen in a small contained area where heat and moisture are left unattended for a long period of time. Thankfully, most diffusers are quite easy to maintain and can be wiped down and sanitized without much hassle. When it comes to essential oils, your risk comes with labeling: be sure that you’re really getting 100% pure oils that do not have any manufactured chemicals added. It’s best to read the fine print on labeling, because just like a lot of other supposedly “organic” products out there, you might find that a product claiming to be a totally pure essential oil actually has some other substances included in the formula. Experts also disagree on whether essential oils can be directly inhaled, ingested or applied on your skin; some people swear it’s safe, but others recommend using caution. We suggest consulting a trusted, trained aromatherapist who can walk you through all the potential risks and benefits of each type of essential oil and each potential application for your home and health.

How Healthy Is Your Home?

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