Winter Maintenance For Your Business

Winter Maintenance For Your Business

Whether you love the cold or not, the winter months can be hard on your business. Each season presents its own challenges, but especially when things start to freeze outside, you can find yourself facing a lot of maintenance issues if you haven’t taken proactive steps before the onset of the cold. To help you get ready for whatever is in store for your neck of the woods this year, here are some of our top ideas for great winter maintenance for your business. We know you have a lot going on every day just to keep your doors open and the dollars flowing into your accounts, but we don’t want you to see any more dollars flowing out of your profit line than are absolutely necessary due to lack of winter preparation!

  1. HAVE YOUR HVAC SYSTEM CHECKED BY A HEATING PROFESSIONAL. Look, we know your maintenance guy, if you have one, is probably a great dude. He’s been there forever and he knows your building top to bottom. But does he really know your furnace inside and out, or have you been trusting him too much every year? Maybe it’s time to invest in a visit from a local HVAC company who can give your system a thorough assessment of its efficiency and durability. Having a regular tune-up for your system by a licensed professional heating technician could save you literally thousands of dollars in the long run: preventive maintenance is the key to extending the life of your heating system, and you paid a lot of money to have it installed and a lot more each winter month to keep it pumping warm air into your workspaces, so spend just a little bit more each winter to have a checkup and you’ll probably save a lot of money in the long run.
  2. CLIMB ON YOUR ROOF TO INSPECT GUTTERS, AND WALK AROUND THE PERIMETER OF THE STRUCTURE TO CHECK FOR WATER DAMAGE ISSUES. We know your to-do list is huge already, but think about what it’s going to look like when you add “roof repair” or “foundation repair” to it because you didn’t catch the small leak before it created a pool of water that created mold inside or puddled and froze outside against your foundation and caused cracks in the wall over the winter. If you can catch these issues before they grow, you’ll have only minor, routine-type repairs to worry about and not major projects that will cost many thousands of dollars and potentially disrupt your company’s operations. So before it gets too cold, get out the ladder or hire a professional to do the inspection for you. Proper roof shingles, gutters and downspouts are essential to maintaining your business throughout the long, wet, and frozen winter months. Also, you won’t want to forget to have any trees around your building pruned so that they don’t snap off during an ice storm and cause additional damage this winter.
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  4. CHECK YOUR BASEMENT AND ENSURE YOUR PIPES ARE PROPERLY INSULATED. You probably don’t want to go down in your basement for fear of what you’ll find, but if you avoid it too long, you could end up with pipes that have exploded or other water damage issues that have been developing during the summer months and which will only get worse when things get cold. Check for cracks in your foundation walls and floors and have them properly sealed. You’ll be protecting yourself not only from potential water damage by seeping moisture, but also from toxic radon gas which also seeps up from the ground and into your structure. Make sure your pipes are insulated where they go into and out of your building to maximize your energy efficiency and minimize the risk of a flood, which can easily happen as pipes thaw and refreeze and eventually burst.

Call AdvantaClean for help with all your winter maintenance preparation needs. Since 1994, we’ve been helping large and small businesses alike with all sorts of maintenance issues: everything from basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation to other moisture control services like air duct cleaning, mold remediation and water damage restoration. If you need an expert eye to give your commercial business a thorough inspection and analysis for a plan of action to correct moisture control problems, especially as the cold winter approaches, then reach out to your locally-owned AdvantaClean location nearby. We’re standing by to share our decades of experience and knowledge with you as you prepare your business for the cold that we know is coming all too soon! We look forward to serving you and helping you provide your employees with the cleanest, safest (and warmest) workspaces possible!

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