The Rise of Commercial Mold and How to Make It Stop

The Rise of Commercial Mold and How to Make It Stop

Running a commercial business is a never-ending challenge, and you do your very best every day to stay one step ahead of the competition as you strive to offer the best goods and services in your industry. But unfortunately sometimes the biggest threats to your business can come from within: one of the most notorious enemies of a commercial enterprise can actually be lurking inside your walls, above your ceiling tiles, and beneath your feet. It can even contaminate the air you’re breathing throughout your working spaces. That’s right, mold is the scourge of modern businesses everywhere, because it doesn’t need much to get going. All it takes is a food source like wood or cardboard or almost anything, plus the right amount of moisture and warmth, and thousands of species of mold spores are good to go. They’ll set up camp right inside your office, or down in the utility closet, or back in that storage room you always forget about – and you won’t even know it’s there until your employees are getting sick or you discover a part of your structure that’s literally being eaten through by the mold spores. So let us equip you with what you need to know about the rise of commercial mold and how to make it stop: this is one business threat you don’t want to mess around with.

MOLD WORKS 24/7. When you and your team have clocked out for the night, mold is just getting started. It’s happy to continue growing and multiplying no matter the time or season. If you’re not maintaining your facility with routine maintenance and an inspection plan then you’re just asking for mold to be on your permanent payroll. This kind of maintenance should include:

  • All team members cleaning and disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis, especially damp areas like bathrooms.
  • Everyone doing their part to keep the facility as organized as possible, including no boxes left on the floors or against walls (use pallets and shelves).
  • Supervisors visually checking every square foot of company facilities at some point on an ongoing basis, ideally once per week at a minimum.
  • Senior leaders conducting safety walks through the facility at least once per month to ensure that cleaning, organization and maintenance are taking place in accordance with regulations.

What You Can't See Can Damage Your Business!

HOW TO FIRE MOLD. If you discover a moldy spot, or even if you catch a whiff of something funky and you’re not sure what it might be, here are the best steps to get mold out of your facility for good:
  • Conduct a thorough mold inspection of the entire facility if possible, but especially similar areas. To be safe, it’s best to hire a mold remediation professional who has advanced mold testing technology. You won’t know what strain of mold spore you’re dealing with until you have it tested, and you probably don’t want to take a chance that you’re looking at black mold or another toxic species of spore, right? Play it safe and get a mold remediation pro in your facility. They’ll be able to pinpoint not only all the locations of the mold throughout your structure, but also the types of spores you’re dealing with. AdvantaClean has locally-ownedc franchises across the nation which are staffed with world-class mold inspection crews who take pride in providing these essential services to their neighbors every day.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the area and apply an antimicrobial solution to keep the mold from returning. Here again, are you trained and experienced with mold mitigation? If you’re new to the mold remediation game, then we highly suggest hiring a mold removal team to do this technical work for you. Here at AdvantaClean, our mold pros are certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), which means they use the most sophisticated HEPA-filtered suction systems to eliminate every bit of mold from your surfaces, and they use the best techniques to apply a highly effective antifungal solution to ensure that the mold won’t be coming back anytime soon.
  • Continue to clean and inspect. Just because you’ve eliminated the mold in one area doesn’t mean it can’t crop up in another spot in your building. Ongoing, consistent maintenance is the most effective way to ensure that you won’t have another mold outbreak in your facility. But if you hire AdvantaClean for your mold remediation services, at least you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve fired mold from your facility for the areas that we’ve mitigated for you.
From coast to coast, since 1994 the mold removal pros at AdvantaClean have been giving businesses like yours the cleanest, healthiest work environments possible. For the very best in commercial mold remediation, contact us today! And remember, it’s not clean until it’s AdvantaClean!

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