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Look Out for the Source of the Moisture

Determine how moisture gets into your crawl space. Some of the main places are through pipe leaks and from moisture from the ground. This is because many crawl spaces have an exposed earthen floor, which allows ground moisture to evaporate into space under your home this hence increases crawl space moisture. Other places to look out for also include a leak in the roof, broken pipes, your floor drains and watch out for areas with high humidity.

For cases of high humidity areas, it is not advisable to use airflow equipment like a dehumidifier before carrying out the following steps.

Assess the Damage from Bloomington Crawl Space Moisture

After noting the source the second step is assessing the damage caused by the mold. Some of the signs you need to look out for include area covered by the mold and damage to the structure like rot of the structure.

Structural Problems of Bloomington Crawl Spaces to Look out for Include:

  • Sagging floors- excessive moisture is one of the major causes of this structural problem. Though it may not look obvious to the eye, one may note this through doors or windows not shutting properly because the alignment is off.
  • Rotted wood-due to high moisture levels fungi can develop and start mincing through the wood. The wood in the crawl space starts to powder and splinter.

Cleaning Up: Mold As a Result of Bloomington Crawl Space Moisture Issues

In case of presence of mold, it is very important to clean up the mold. For proper cleaning, you can contact AdvantaClean who have a team of experts who will ensure that the cleaning up of your crawl space is successful.

Keeping the Crawl Space Dry with a Dehumidifier

Upon dealing with the problem of water entry problem and any issue of moisture and mold. The best way to deal with crawlspace moisture is by using a crawl space dehumidifier.

Here at AdvantaClean, our team of professionals advises you appropriately on the size of the dehumidifier to use, this is after good inspection of your crawl space. We also look at the aspect causing the moisture in your crawl space.

If the problem is long-term due to high humidity you may need a permanent crawl space dehumidifier, otherwise if temporary, we will fit your crawl space with a portable unit. Our services are of top notch quality and we ensure that the humidity level has reached a healthy level.

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