Cary, NC Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dirty dryer vents pose a serious threat to homes, apartment buildings, businesses or office buildings in the form of a greatly increased risk of fire damage. Buildings which house electric dryers (as opposed to gas dryers) are 250% more likely to experience a fire due to dirty and clogged vents. But this does not mean fires do not happen in gas dryers. Maintenance and care are critical strategies that can prevent catastrophe in commercial and residential clothes dryers.

The most likely area for the possibility of fire is always within the vents. These vents can amass a buildup of fine flammable materials (lint) over an extended period of time and usage. If not cleaned regularly, these vents full of combustible lint can quickly turn into a problem.

AdvantaClean Environmental of Cary/Apex offers five important reasons to call for professional dryer vent cleaning:

  • The do-it-yourself approach isn’t usually a good idea: Dryer vents and the various components have sharp edges like sheet metal and screws, can get very long, and could have twists and bends. Getting the venting cleaned properly without risk of injury involves using special equipment and training.
  • Improper installation during new construction can cause long-term problems: Too often, dryer vents are quickly or improperly installed by subcontractors who do 100 or so a week, every week. It can create sharp angles, bends, lengthy pipe, the wrong material, a bad connection; this will create any number of problems as months go by. The experts at AdvantaClean Enviromental of Cary/Apex know how to identify critical design or construction issues and recommend the appropriate fix.
  • Dryer lint and airflow detection devices indicate cleaning: If the dryer vent or the dryer appliance lint detection or airflow alarm/indicator sounds or lights up, don’t ignore it! This requires immediate action to prevent a fire or appliance failure.
  • What cannot be seen can be a serious problem: Lint and microscopic debris can get past the dryer lint screen and into the vent, and accumulate significantly over a period of time to become a fire hazard. If the dryer vent is improperly designed and constructed, and many are; a problem area could become much larger.
  • Put it on the calendar: Other important meetings, events, and maintenance items make it onto the calendar so they will be remembered. Extending the life of an expensive appliance and keeping a building free of fire hazards is just as critical as birthday parties and evening meetings.

AdvantaClean Environmental of Cary/Apex offers dryer vent cleaning as one of our specialty services. We know where to look for problems and remedy them, and always have the right equipment on hand to clean dryer vents completely. We are experts at both residential and commercial dryer vents.

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