Department of Veterans Affairs

New Orleans, LA 70113

AdvantaClean Mold Removal Case Study

Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state of Louisiana, leaving unprecedented damage in her wake. New Orleans was dealt a particularly devastating blow when Katrina struck and the waters breached the levee system, flooding most of the city. One local medical facility suffered heavy damage, was consequently shut down and sealed for three months. During that “power off” time, the number one thing mold needs to grow was in abundance – moisture. With the high humidity, dark and undisturbed environment, mold took hold and began to proliferate throughout the ductwork. As work began to reopen the facility, the VA discovered the issue and awarded the mold remediation and air duct cleaning contract to AdvantaClean.


AdvantaClean was contracted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to clean ductwork and handle mold remediation at a 350 bedmedical facility, including the hospital and transitional care center.

  • The scope of work for this project included remediation and cleaning of ductwork, contaminated coils, and central pump units throughout the facility, including demolition and renovation of various areas.
  • Because the ten-story, 354-bed hospital and transitional care facility had been evacuated and closed down for over 90 days, mold and microbial growth in the ducts and HVAC system components were a serious concern. The project team cleaned over one million square feet of ductwork, often dealing with special situations like radioactive rooms, animal laboratories and physical space constraints.
  • The large-scale, highly complex project took five months to complete with progress reports being sent daily to the VA’s resident engineer and AdvantaClean headquarters. Tracking and testing were critical success factors as the team moved through each floor, ensuring no microbial growth existed in the air ducts.
  • After passing strenuous clearance testing in each room, floor and eventually the entire hospital, the center became one of the first facilities in New Orleans’ vast medical district to reopen its doors.

  • New Orleans, LA 70113
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