Basement Inspection & Waterproofing in Charlotte

AdvantaClean of Charlotte is involved in the testing and abatement of basement issues like water logging, moisture retention, dampness, odor, mold growth and rodents. Our comprehensive interior and exterior basement waterproofing solutions can transform your basement into a functional space overnight. A dry and clean basement has a direct bearing on human health too.

basement moisture control in Charlotte, NC

Water enters a basement through the following areas:

  1. Wall and floor joints
  2. Cracks in floor
  3. Cracks in wall
  4. Burst water pipe
  5. Faulty waterspouts
  6. Damaged subsurface drain
  7. Leaks on roof

In most cases, there is an evidence of hydrostatic pressure on concrete slabs, but the cause may sometimes be attributed to a clogged drainage system. Runoff from melted snow or rainwater that’s not properly routed can also be a major reason behind a damp basement.

How We Dry Out A Wet Basement

We follow a standardized basement treatment process every time we receive a complaint. First off, we start with a detailed inspection of the spot. At this stage, we look for:

  • Visible mold, mildew, and dust
  • Presence of musty odor
  • Wet walls and floor
  • Signs of insects/rodents
  • Wood rot
  • Cracks in walls and floor
  • Stains on carpet
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Faulty drainage system

This inspection phase, which is done in both the interior and the exterior parts of a basement, is followed by a thorough cleanup of the basement. We use our proprietary equipment and processes in this second phase. The main part, waterproofing, follows next.

Paybacks of Waterproofing a Basement:

  • Strong foundation
  • Increase in property value in case you’re planning a sale
  • Healthier environment
  • Warmer basement in winter season
  • More living space
  • More aesthetic appeal

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