Moisture Control in Chicago

Do you have high levels of moisture in your Chicago home or business?

AdvantaClean of Southwest Chicagoland's moisture control experts are happy to help!

Moisture build up in can happen in any room, or in any space. Most commonly however, moisture is found in attics, crawl spaces, or basements. Moisture problems can lead to the growth of mold and mildew and can even damage your house by allowing rot to set in.

Most commonly however, moisture is found in:

1) Attics 2) Crawl Spaces 3) Basements 4) Inside HVAC Ducts

common places to find moisture in Chicago, IL

How Do I Know if I Have Moisture Problems?

moisture controlMold growth is a sure sign of inadequate ventilation and moisture build up. Depending on where the mold is growing, it may be visible. If you see fuzzy, greenish, gray, or black spots attached to tile, ceilings, or wall, you may have a mold issue. Mold also has an odor that is most commonly musty but may smell of decay and damp earth as well. If you see or smell possible mold, it's time to take steps to correct it!


moisture in Chicago home ruins the brand new hardwood flooringAir particles carry a certain percentage of water molecules. This is required to maintain a healthy balance of humidity. A moisture problem occurs when the proportion of water particles increases excessively. When the air enters inside a building and comes in contact with the different parts of the building's materials, these molecules are absorbed by the materials that they come in contact with. When the temperature increases, these water molecules appear in the form of water, start coming out from surface, and seepage starts. Moisture affects certain parts of a building more than others such as crawl spaces, basements, attics, kitchens, and laundry rooms because there is little ventilation for moisture to filter out from.

AdvantaClean of Southwest Chicagoland experts and certified technicians can fix all of these moisture-related issues to prevent mold and moisture problems. The steps they follow include:

  • Proper grading to ensure moisture removal
  • Waterproofing the interior and the exterior of a building
  • Properly installing vapor barriers to prevent exposure
  • Improving ventilation with dehumidifiers


Fight Chicago Moisture and Mold Issues

At AdvantaClean of Southwest Chicagoland, we have the experience and skills needed to fight moisture and mold and to prevent the problem from happening again. Call AdvantaClean of Southwest Chicagoland today to find out about our wide range of services and how we can help you get rid of dangerous moisture!

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