Collinsville Crawl Space Encapsulation

Unconditioned crawlspaces can produce significant moisture issues to your home or business. Moisture in a crawlspace can cause issues such as mold, wood rot, foul odors, and buckling floors inside the home. We know that your home or business is most likely your greatest investment, and these issues can negatively affect the value of these investments. There are permanent solutions to solving your moisture issues. AdvantaSeal, is a 25-year warranty system guaranteed to solve moisture and water problems in your crawlspace. AdvantaClean of Madison County a is Crawlspace Encapsulation Specialist (CES) certified firm. You can rest assured that AdvantaClean of Madison County has all of the right knowledge, tools, and experience to complete the job the correct way.

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Signs of Moisture in Your Crawlspace:

  • Buckling of wood floors: Buckling of wood floors is an indication that there is moisture damage to the wood. When wood is in the presence of high humidity or water, the wood absorbs the moisture in the air. When wood absorbs moisture, it begins to swell causing floors to cup, and even heave.
  • Foul odors: Foul odors can come from mold, wood rot, stagnant water, and even just the dirt! Mold/wood rot is the main consequence to having moisture in the crawlspace. However, the odors mold causes can be quite the nuisance. Stagnant water and dirt can also produce some foul odors. Usually this comes in the way of an “earthy” smell throughout your home or business. AdvantaClean of Madison county, knows how to get rid of these annoying odors for good!
  • Lots of pests: many rodents, spiders, termites, and even reptiles love a moist dark enironment like a crawlspace. If you are seeing any of these pests running through your house, then you probably have a moist crawlspace.
  • A dusty house: If you have an unusually dusty house there is a good chance it is coming from your crawlspace. A crawlspace is essentially a dirt floor basement. The Stack effect in your home pushes the dirty air from the crawlspace into the main living levels thus spreading dirt and potential mold throughout your home.

crawl space vapor barrier crawl space vapor barrier to protect against moisture

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