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Success Stories

Location: Columbia, SC 29210

Problem: This investment property had significant mold growth in the interior and crawlspace. Due to the problem, the tenant had to vacate, and while the house sat without air conditioning operable in the Columbia humidity, the problem only got worse.

Solution: Through a thorough investigation into the root of the problem, we were able to determine the majority of mold growth was surface growth, meaning the mold was growing on the interior surface only of many of the building products. This lessened the amount of demolition required for finished surfaces. While it still took extensive cleaning to bring the property back to a healthy condition, we were able to retain many of the finished surfaces. This approach saved the customer a considerable amount in overall repairs and decreased the amount of time the property sat without a tenant.

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Location: Blythewood, SC 29016

Problem: This beautiful log cabin was just a little too close to nature… with mold growing on the wood beams and boards near the peak of the ceiling. We commonly see this issue in vaulted or cathedral ceilings where there is insufficient air circulation, allowing warmer, more humid air to hang out up high, where condensation issues cause surface mold growth.

Solution: At nearly 20 feet high, it wasn’t the easiest ceiling to clean, but our team set scaffolding and cleaned top to bottom, HEPA vacuuming, and wiping all surfaces to remove the mold. This was coupled with air duct cleaning and air scrubbing to bring the indoor air back to normal conditions. We worked with the homeowner to adjust their ceiling fans for improved circulation and comfort and helped them identify an issue with the HVAC system that was also adding moisture to the living space, to prevent the growth from reoccurring.

LogCabinFirst2.png LogCabinSecond2.png    

Location: Gilbert, SC 29054

Problem: A community center was broken into and vandalized. Although there was no fire, the vandals set off the fire extinguishers in the facility, most of which landed on the floor, cabinets, and other surfaces. While these areas were cleaned successfully by the in-house staff, they quickly found out that the extinguisher dust had been pulled into the cold air return, which contaminated the HVAC system and allowed the particulate to continually circulate in the indoor space.

Solution: AdvantaClean worked with a HVAC company to clean the air plenums, ductwork, and grilles. While the HVAC contractor dissembled and cleaned the coils, blower motors, and other interior components of the air handing system to remove all of the contaminants. Additionally, we deployed HEPA air scrubbers in the common areas to filter the indoor air, and had the community center back up and running as normal within a few days.


Location: Chapin, SC 29169

Problem: This customer had a not-so-great experience with a "bargain" crawlspace repair company a few years back. While they thought that experience was well behind them, when it came time to sell their home, the inspection noted the incorrectly installed vapor barrier system and areas of fungal growth in the crawlspace, both of which had to be corrected before they could close on the home.

Solution: Closed crawlspaces, especially in the Southeast US, need more than just a vapor barrier to keep them dry... they need either de humidification or smart ventilation too. After remediating the fungal growth on the wood framing and sub-flooring, AdvantaClean removed the sub-standard encapsulation system and installed an AdvantaSeal crawlspace encapsulation system with a Santa-Fe dehumidifier to keep the crawlspace dry and mold-free for years to come.


Location: Columbia, SC 29204

Problem: This Columbia home had a small basement / cellar that was surrounded on 3 sides by a crawlspace. The Heating & Air System and Water Heater were in the cellar, and every time one of our spring or summer rains hit, the basement area would have anywhere from 1/2 to 3 inches of water standing on the floor, making the space basically useless. There was an antiquated sump pump installed in the basement, but after years of neglect, the only way for water to actually get to the pump to be pumped out was to run across the floor and into the open pit!

Solution: We installed full-perimeter AdvantaDrain Waterproofing to the basement, including a new sealed-lid sump pump (no more open pit!), and a battery backup system to keep the basement dry all the time. Now, not only do these homeowners have better overall indoor air quality in their home from removing the standing water in the basement, they also have nearly 200 square feet of additional, dry storage space!

BasementWaterproofingFirst5.jpg BasementWaterproofingSecond5.jpg    

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