Dallas Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulating crawl spaces so moisture is locked out is one of our specialties at AdvantaClean of Greater Dallas. To encapsulate the crawlspace we take a vapor barrier and seal off the entire crawlspace so moisture does not have the chance to accumulate. This allows for better air quality in the crawl space, increases energy efficiency, keeps critters and bugs out, and reduces humidity and moisture in the air.

Richardson Crawl space Moisture Solutions

Crawlspace moisture is all too common in many homes, especially those with exposed dirt floors. The earth below your home or business can become moist, and when that moisture evaporates in your crawlspace it can quickly lead to humid conditions, condensation and mold growth.

AdvantaClean offers a number of solutions to combat crawl space moisture. The process begins with an accurate assessment, during which our professionals will thoroughly analyze your crawlspace situation to determine the true source of your issues. After that we will develop a customized solution based on your unique situation.

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Our Crawl space Moisture Treatments May Include:

  • Adjusting the grading around your property to ensure moisture is draining properly
  • Adding additional gutters or downspouts or cleaning existing gutters
  • Extending downspouts to ensure the drainage is funneled away from your property
  • Waterproofing the interior or exterior of your home to prevent future moisture
  • Properly installing vapor barriers to prevent the exposed earth in the crawlspace from becoming moist
  • Improving crawlspace ventilation with dehumidifiers, ventilation fans or both

crawlspace moisture control in Dallas, TX

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