Water Damage Restoration in Dublin, OH

AdvantaClean of Dublin is proud to provide water damage restoration for the people of Delaware and Dublin, OH. We know that water damage can have a variety of causes. Whether rain has entered a hole in your roof, a flood has swept through your home, or a pipe has burst in the basement, our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take on such emergencies. Below, we'll give you a quick rundown of what we can repair in your home or business.

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The first thing our team will do is get your furniture, curtains, rugs, and other movables out of the water. We can then dry these and the rest of the interior using fans and dehumidifiers. When faced with major flood damage, we can pump out the standing water. This is vital because the longer the water lingers, the greater chance it will have of creating mold.

Since water damage can easily reach the walls, we'll dry them out. We know what methods to use on concrete, wood, drywall, and other types of walls. If your walls were painted with an old lead-based paint, rest assured that we can work around this hazard as we're EPA-certified for lead-safe practices. You can count on us for drywall replacement and even mold encapsulation if mold has become ingrained in the damaged wall that it can't be removed.



water damage We'll sanitize the damaged interior and movables because you never know what the water could have been carrying. Graywater - the water that courses through our pipes - can carry harmful contaminants, and blackwater goes without mentioning. Our professionals will inspect every belonging to see if it can be salvaged or not; however, we won't throw out unsalvageable items, as these may provide the proof of water damage that you need if you're filing for flood insurance benefits.


Usually, carpets that have been suffered water damage are the first things that would be replaced, but if you wish to retain them, know that we can thoroughly clean and disinfect them. If carpets have shrunk, we'll perform stretching. The employees at AdvantaClean of Dublin are certified by the IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.


AdvantaClean performed water damage restoration for many basements across the country. This stands to reason because water will always seep down. Our basement treatments follow the same pattern as our other flood damage treatments, but they can also include preventative measures. For example, we can fix any leaky basement windows and even waterproof the basement. We're also certified for crawl space encapsulation.

Trust AdvantaClean of Dublin for water damage restoration and give us a call when disaster strikes. Even something relatively minor like an overflowing toilet can have unforeseen consequences, so we'll be thorough in our flood damage assessment. We serve homeowners and business owners throughout Dublin, Delaware, and everything we do is in accordance with OSHA's federal health requirements.

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We provide the residents of Dublin, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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