Our Case Studies

Dublin Water Damage Case Study

Location: Grove City, OH 43123

Problem: A small ranch style home in rural Grove City hired AdvantaClean to address the major water loss they had experienced. A frozen water pipe burst while the home was vacant, completely flooding the first floor and finished basement. The pipe had sprayed unabated until the rising water had resulted in the loss of electricity, cutting power to the well pump. Widespread water damage was present throughout the house due to high water in the basement, high humidity, and seepage into the drywall and carpet.

Solution: AdvantaClean was hired to remove all water and to dry out the home and contents.

The scope of work included water removal, demolition of all wet drywall, drying woodwork and carpet out with fans and dehumidifiers, and removing water damaged paneling and laminate flooring.

All carpet padding was removed and disposed of. Furniture was either relocated to a designated dry area or had foam blocks placed underneath to protect from further damage. Important papers and family photos that had gotten wet were frozen to stop decomposition and aid in future freeze-drying.

Water was extracted, then blown dry with high powered axial fans and centrifugal fans until moisture readings were normal. Our dehumidifiers played a big role in the drying process as well.

With any home or business, we will respond anytime to an emergency water loss. Whether it's during or after business hours, we will be there to take on the task. Now that this beautiful ranch style home is dry with the help of AdvantaClean, the homeowners are now ready to rebuild.

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