Basement Moisture Control in Dundee, IL

Moisture in my Basement

Inside or outside? Determining the source of the moisture in your basement is important to permanently solve your moisture issue. If you do not take care of a moisture issue, it can quickly turn into a mold problem.

Common Outdoor Causes:

  • Leaky windows
  • Poor landscaping
  • Soil sloped towards the house
  • Down spouts
  • Water through cracks in the foundation

Common Indoor Causes:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Sump pump failure
  • Injector pump failure
  • High humidity

Call a professional to inspect your basement at (224) 701-3992!

Fixing the problem:

If you cannot determine the problem, call an AdvantaClean professional at (224) 701-3992 to help you solve the moisture issue in your basement.

Pipes, spouts, and pumps - Many of these problems can be observed by doing a little looking around and calling a professional to do some repairs. If your moisture problem has escalated into a mold or flood one, however, you should call an AdvantaClean mold specialist to protect your indoor air quality.

Water through walls - and floors. If you notice seepage in your basement, it is probably best to waterproof it. This is a two-step process that AdvantaClean of NW Chicagoland's professionals can provide. The first step seal the water that has wicked through. A sign of this is the formation of efflorescence. Once we seal the walls, our certified technicians apply a stain-resistant, waterproofing agent to prevent seepage from coming through.

Call a professional to inspect your basement at (224) 701-3992 today!

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