Durham, NC Crawl Space Moisture Control

Encapsulating crawl spaces so moisture is locked out is one of our specialties at AdvantaClean of Durham. To encapsulate the crawl space we take a vapor barrier and seal off the entire crawl space so moisture does not have the chance to accumulate. This allows us to prevent mold and moisture from damaging the structure of the crawl space, minimizes our chances of being affected by water damage, and keeps our crawl space in the best condition.

Crawl Space Moisture Issues

Moisture accumulates in the crawl space due to lack of any kind of ventilation. During our crawl space encapsulation process we install a sump pump and an dihumidifier. A sump pump is a small pump we place in the crawl space that helps remove water to keep the crawl space dry and humidity out. We install sump pumps so water is taken out of the crawl space and put away from the building. Humidifiers in the crawl space take an important role in the humidity and moisture levels that arise down there. A crawl space dehumidifier allows you to keep the air dry which is important to control mold and moisture as well.

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Our Advantages

AdvantaClean of Durham has done numerous crawl space encapsulation jobs in the Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Hillsborough and surrounding areas. The crawl space often goes unserviced but is an important part of any home. If your home or business is older it is important to think about encapsulating the crawl space before it is infected with mold or moisture issues. When water damage affects the crawl space that is when serious damage can occur. If you have water damage, moisture, or mold in your crawl space give us a call today.

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