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Success Stories

Location: Edison, NJ07939

Problem: If you are a business with a retail store or an office, do not wait if you see stains on your open duct work!! Chances are there is a water damage which is causing mold growth on the outer surface of duct work. If the mold is outside, it's highly likely it may have entered in the duct work.

Mold contamination not only impacts the air quality of your business, it negatively impacts the health of your employees. Mold also negatively impacts your business’s image in your customers mind. If the mold contamination spreads into the duct work, it will circulate into the entire space and will stay trapped in the HVAC system.

Solution: AdvantaClean of East Central Jersey specializes in mold remediation of the commercial as well as residential air duct system. We are a NADCA certified company and our technicians follow NADCA’s standard for air duct cleaning and S520, EPA as well as New York City guidelines for mold remediation.

One of our customers, a major retailer experienced water damage and that resulted in mold damage in their duct work. We were hired to do the water damage mitigation and mold treatment of the contaminated area as well as duct system.

MoldyDuctFirst1.jpg MoldyDuctSecond1.jpg MoldyDuctThird1.jpg    

Location: Edison, NJ 07724

Problem: AdvantaClean of East Central Jersey was contacted by a reputable daycare located in Southern New Jersey on a Friday afternoon. The daycare had a sewage backup that created major water damage on the first floor of the building. The daycare management called the town’s municipality service to fix the backup and fixed the source of the backup from outside the building. The daycare management had to deal the problem of cleaning and restoring their property from inside. Because of the extent of damage, the daycare management was not sure, if they will be able to open their door next morning. They were concerned about how long it will take for the restoration to take place and how it would impact their customers (mostly working parents).

Solution: An AdvantaClean crew was there within one hour to take control of the damage. Once we arrived, we did a walk through and immediately came up with a plan to bring the daycare back to the perfect condition. They carefully sorted the contents in each room - removed salvageable contents and disposed the items that were damaged. They extracted water, applied cleaning agent to sanitize the affected area and set up drying equipment. The AdvantaClean crew worked overnight to make sure that the daycare was ready to open the next day. When the daycare management and the staff arrived the next day. All affected rooms looked clean and sanitized.

DaycareFirst2.jpg DaycareSecond2.jpg DaycareThird2.jpg

DaycareFourth2.jpg DaycareFifth2.jpg 

Location: Edison, NJ 08820

Problem: Most houses are built with concrete block foundation. These blocks become walls of the basements and crawlspaces. Though these walls are strong they are subject moisture intrusion from the ground. The rain and flooding makes moisture problem worst if there is no proper drainage system in place. As a result mold starts growing on the basement walls.

Even if there is a drainage system in place, with little amount of settled dust and debris, moisture and right temperature, the mold will start growing on the concrete walls of the basement or crawlspace.

Solution: A lot of time home owners do not know if there is mold growing in the hidden areas of their houses such as under the basement stairs, behind the laundry and washer dryers, and behind any big furniture such storage rack. So when they move the piece of furniture and see black stuff covering the wall they get shocked.

We recently went to a house which was in perfect condition except there was mold growing on basement walls underneath the basement stairs. The home owner did not know about the growth as it was a sealed area. The home owner hired us to do cleanup when the mold and bring the affected are to condition one.

ConcreteFirst3.jpg ConcreteSecond3.jpg ConcreteThird3.jpg    

Location: Edison, NJ 08820

Problem: Does your basement look like the ones shown in the pictures below? If yes, most likely there is moisture problem and associated indoor air quality problem such as mold harboring in your basement!!

The only technique to keep your basement free of mold is to keep it dry!!
Basement can suffer from moisture problem due to multiple reasons. On the inside – it could be cracked foundation, poor drainage system (no sump pump), lack of ventilation and high humidity etc. On the outside – it could be poor grading, clogged gutters, leaky plumbing, etc.

Solution: Please contact AdvantaClean of East Central Jersey if you suspect your basement is having moisture and mold problem. Our qualified inspectors will offer you best advice as well as prepare a remediation plan to bring your basement to condition one!

Click below the link to get some great tips on how to keep your basement dry and free of mold.

WallpaperFirst4.jpg WallpaperSecond4.jpg BasementThird4.jpg   

Location: Edison, NJ 08816

Problem: Bathroom is one room in every house that gets wet every day. The poor caulking and grouting, poor exhaust system or lack of dehumidification can result into slow but constant water damage in the room which can go unnoticed for a long time. The moisture can remain trapped for long time resulting in the growth of mold and mildew on the bathroom surface.

If there is wallpaper in the bathroom, there is a high possibility that the black mold will start growing behind the wallpaper. The moisture that builds up after each shower combined with right temperature and availability of food source such as paint and glue behind the wallpaper creates a perfect environment for the mold to grow. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the mold behind the wallpaper is to remove the wallpaper and treat the exposed surface.

AdvantaClean of East Central Jersey was recently hired to take care of mold growing behind the bathroom wallpaper. Due to constant use of the bathroom and poor exhaust system, the bathroom remained significantly moist which lead to the growth of black mold on the bathroom walls and behind the wallpaper.

Solution: AdvantaClean followed all appropriate industry standards to clean the black mold. The containment was built to avoid cross contamination and establish negative pressure. All contaminated building materials were removed including wallpaper. Our crew used wallpaper scrapper and stripping solution to remove the wallpaper. Once all surfaces were exposed, they were treated and disinfected using anti-microbial agent.

HeaterFirst5.jpg HeaterSecond5.jpg HeaterThird5.jpg    

Location: Edison, NJ 08820

Problem: Any small plumbing leak has a potential to create large water damage and mold growth in your property which might require a help from a professional and quality restoration and remediation contractor. One of our customers experienced a leak from a water heater located in the basement. The leak caused not only the water damage to the surrounding drywall and building material in the room the heater was located but also affected the cabinetry and drywall in the next room. Needless to say the water damage resulted into growth of mold on the building material such as dry wall, cabinets, wooden panels as well as concrete walls behind the panels and dry wall which were in the affected area.

Solution: AdvantaClean was hired to do the remediation and restoration of the water damage and mold affected areas. Our crew followed restoration and remediation industry guidelines for mold cleanup and treat and sanitize the affected areas.



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