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Are you worried about the air quality you, your family or your employees are breathing or concerned about high energy bills at your residential or commercial property? Poor indoor air quality in your building and high energy bills could be caused by poor HVAC system maintenance and dirty air duct system.

At AdvantaClean of East Central Jersey, we can assist you deal with this air quality issue by providing air duct cleaning services. According to EPA, indoor air pollutants are among the top five environmental risks to public health. The indoor levels of pollutants may be 2 to 5 times and occasionally more than 100 times higher than outdoor pollutant levels. According to study conducted NADCA, proper maintenance and cleaning of HVAC system can result in at least 11% energy savings for the property owners.

checking air ductSo, how can a clean air duct system help with restoring energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality in your property? The proper cleaning of HVAC system will remove the buildup of pollutants and restore energy efficiency.

The air is typically distributed in the office building through air duct system which circulates cool and warm air to maintain comfortable work environment. Through everyday usage, the allergens, dirt, dust, and other debris work their way into air ducts system. These pollutants get trapped into the duct work and circulate 5-7 times per day. Overtime, the re-circulation causes buildup of the contaminants in the air duct system. The constant circulation of the contaminants can reduce the workers' productivity and create unhealthy work environment. Furthermore, the buildup could cause system to work harder which will result into increased wear and tear of the system and high energy consumption.

Air-duct cleaning, Air duct cleaning, Duct cleaning, Air duct cleaning cost, Vent cleaning, Air duct, How to clean air ductsAdvantaClean of East Central Jersey knows how important it is to maintain healthy and comfortable environment and indoor air quality at your home and work place. We performs air duct cleaning according to the highest industry standards. The proper air duct cleaning will help the entire HVAC system and its components and our highly trained staff will remove accumulation of dust, debris and contaminants which will improve indoor air quality and restore energy efficiency of the system.


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