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Does your crawl space have an unfinished or dirt floor? Little crawl space ventilation? If so, your crawlspace is the perfect breeding ground for mold, moisture and mildew! Crawl spaces commonly have less activity an the attic and basement, all areas in which mold, mildew and moisture problems go unnoticed. Crawl space moisture solutions such as crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, ventilation systems, and dehumidifiers are just some ways AdvantaClean can help you combat moisture your Central Indiana crawl space problem. Our certified North Central Indiana crawl space moisture control specialists have the equipment and knowledge for just what you need!

AdvantaClean of North Central Indiana repairs and upgrades crawl spaces of all shapes and sizes. We are certified to install crawl space moisture solutions including vapor barrier systems, crawl space insulation, drainage, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, crawl space encapsulation and much more!

crawl space encapsulation in North Central Indiana

AdvantaClean of North Central Indiana Offers the Following Solutions to Crawl Space Moisture Issues:

  • moisture in the crawl space in Kokomo, IndianaInstallation of AdvantaSeal -- a vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation system that isolates your crawl space from the ground
  • Installation of crawl space ventilation, crawl space dehumidifiers and/or crawl space ventilation fans.
  • Installation of the AdvantaDrain system ensures the proper drainage of crawl space water.

Central Indiana Crawl Space Encapsulation using AdvantaSeal

  • moisture control crawl space barrier in Kokomo, Indiana AdvantaSeal is a crawl space encapsulation vapor barrier that transforms your dusty, dirty, damp, crawl space into a dry, usable space.
  • AdvantaSeal transforms the crawl space to be a part of your home, preventing dry rot, mold, unwanted pests and energy loss. By sealing out moisture from the ground and outside air, AdvantaSeal makes your home more dry, healthy and energy efficient.
  • Our certified crawl space solution experts carefully cut the liner to fit your crawl space and fasten it to the walls.

Crawl Space Moisture Control with AdvantaDrain

moisture control matting in crawl space AdvantaDrain is uniquely designed with “flow channels” which increase water flow rates. AdvantaDrain’s structural integrity resists is built to last. The proprietary sleeve provides the allows for the filtering of soil particles to help prevent the sleeve from clogging. AdvantaDrain ties into the sump pump system or drain system, allowing the water to be properly discharged from your crawl space or basement to a designated discharge location.

crawl space pumpAdvantaClean of North Central Indiana experts can diagnose your Lafayette crawl space moisture issues and crawl space mold issues by properly identifying, recommending and implementing the proper solutions. In addition to providing complete moisture solutions, our specialists are certified mold remediation contractors and are able to perform professional mold remediation in conjunction with addressing your moisture issue. From basic repairs to complete vapor barriers, crawl space ventilation systems and crawl space dehumidifier installations, the experts at AdvantaClean of North Central Indiana can help!

Our experts have provided solutions and upgraded thousands of crawl spaces across the greater Indianapolis area.

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