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AdvantaClean provides both residential and commercial cleaning in Lewisville, TX, and everything we do is backed by a national brand. Whether you have a clogged air duct or a mold infestation, you can count on us for prompt arrivals and detailed work. Since we comply with EPA and OSHA health guidelines, nothing we do will harm you or the environment.

Mold Removal

Mold exposure can affect people in different ways, but common symptoms include headaches, fever, throat irritation, and, in serious cases, neurological conditions. You'll want to act immediately if you find this fungus infesting a part of your property. With our HEPA vacuums, we'll suck the mold out of any non-porous surface, and we'll disinfect surfaces with an antimicrobial chemical. Our team will end the mold remediation by setting up an air scrubber.

That's not all, though. Those who suspect mold of being in their property can request a mold inspection from us. We'll go from room to room, take a close look at anything that resembles mold, and use mold testing kits to see where the fungus has infested the air. For the most accurate results possible, our team will take air samples.

Mold prevention is another important field. You can ask about crawl space encapsulation, for example, which will seal your walls against water condensation and even reduce humidity levels.

Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration technicians can address everything from floods to leaky pipes and broken toilets. We'll begin with the water removal, then proceed to sweep out debris and sewage, then dry and deodorize the interior. Furniture, carpets, curtains, electronic equipment, and other belongings will be treated with care and hopefully restored to their original condition.

Our mitigation efforts extend behind the walls, under the floorboards, and down to the foundation if necessary. Flooding in basements is common, but with our concrete sealants, you'll be able to protect your walls from structural damage. The process is called basement waterproofing, and we highly recommend it.

We also help customers file insurance claims by gathering the right documentation and giving our expert testimony on the cause and extent of the flood. We work with all insurance companies.

Air Duct Cleaning

Let us remove the dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants that are clogging up your ducts; the result will be cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system. Our team can crawl into the attic or the crawl space for the most thorough results.

You might also ask about dryer vent cleaning since these vents are prone to clogging of a different kind. Lint is a flammable material, and the hot air that the clothes dryer blows out can easily lead to water condensation and, thus, mold and mildew growth.

Our brand has had over 20 years to refine its services, and our branch is capable of tailoring each one to the customer's situation.

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