Water Damage Mitigation - Flooded Basement

Location: Potomac, MD 20854

Problem: The basement does not have a perimeter drain and sump pump system. The basement took on a lot of water during a sudden major storm, soaking the carpets and impacting the drywall on several walls.

Solution: Within hours of being called regarding the flooded basement AdvantaClean personnel were onsite to perform an initial assessment. After discussing the options with the homeowner, AdvantaClean was hired to perform the Water Damage Mitigation and Structural Drying. Resources were redirected from an ongoing operation to provide emergency water damage mitigation services. Containment was set up on the entrance to the basement to act as a drying chamber. After the saturated materials were removed, the entire area was treated with an EPA registered antimicrobial solution and a system of air movers and dehumidifiers were set up for structural drying. Approximately 3 days later, all moisture values were within normal limits and all equipment was removed from the home. The home is now ready for repairs/rebuild, and the customer was extremely satisfied.


Basement Mold Remediation with Extensive Demolition

Location: Silver Spring, MD 20904

Problem: Our customer inherited a very large home from his mother when she recently passed away. The basement of the home was in very bad shape because his mother did not use it for several years, and foundation leaks had allowed repeated water intrusions into all areas of the basement which were never properly addressed. This resulted in a great deal of mold and decay behind the walls and ceilings. A full demolition and decontamination was required in the entire basement space.

Solution: All items and all materials were removed from the basement and a full-scale mold remediation was performed. In total, 3 full 30-yard dumpsters were removed from the basement. All areas were HEPA vacuumed, with some areas requiring scraping, wire brushing, or grinding in order to achieve source removal of the mold contamination. After the demolition and HEPA vacuuming were concluded, the ceilings, walls, and floors were all treated with an EPA registered antimicrobial solution and wiped down to remove any traces of mold or soiling that remained. Additionally, at the conclusion of cleaning, all areas were treated for a second time with antimicrobial and the floors were steam cleaned using antimicrobial as the cleaner.


Radon Mitigation in Gaithersburg MD

Location: Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Problem: Radon testing in the home came back at elevated levels, with readings around 18pCi/L. The National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) recommends mitigation for any test results greater than the established 4.0pCi/L action limit. The home has a finished basement, with only a small area of the basement used as a utility area/storage area where a Radon Mitigation System could be located without impacting the living space. The area inside was not really a problem, although there was a basement window directly above where the system was requested to be installed. The main problem was on the exterior; the area directly outside was not a good place to run the exterior piping in order to safely vent the exhaust above the roof-line without being run next to windows and being very unsightly.

Solution: The interior piping was located in the requested area, with the piping being routed out thru the block wall beneath the window. On the exterior, we dug a trench next to the house where the piping was placed below ground level, out of view. The piping was routed approximately 20 feet to the corner of the home, completely hidden, with the Radon fan and exhaust piping being located on the side of the home, partially hidden by a bush. Additionally, we utilized plastic white downspout for the exhaust piping, which helps the system blend into the normal look of the home.

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Heavy Duty Mold Job - REO/Foreclosed Home

Location: Clarksburg, MD 20871

Problem: Foreclosed home was winterized improperly, causing a significant water leak from the hot water baseboard heating system, resulting in extremely bad mold growth throughout the entire home. There was no power or water available at the home which compounded the already difficult situation. The new owner contacted AdvantaClean of Frederick to remove the mold and get the home ready for renovations.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Frederick came in and the entire structure was gutted down to the contaminated structural materials. Generators were used to supply enough electrical power to perform the remediation and power the equipment that was needed. We performed detailed cleaning and decontamination of the entire home to the absolute delight of the homeowner. It was a big job and our team performed extremely well. Review Received: "Dave and his guys did an excellent job with a heavy duty mold removal project. They went over the areas multiple times to ensure all of the areas were clean of all residual molds. VERY difficult job- well done! Very friendly group, very professional. Absolutely recommend."

Check out the pictures below!

Mold Removal Before and After Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after
Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after Mold Removal Before & After
Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after
Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after Mold Removal Before and After
Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after Mold removal before & after Mold Removal Before & After . Mold Removal Before & After

We provide the residents of Frederick, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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