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AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale realizes that home restoration like water damage, black mold and moisture related damages can be a stressful and a disruption to our daily lives, that can affect our families health and the overall comfort of our homes. We’ve helped many families and business through these crises and are eager to help you make your home and indoor air quality the best it can be. Call us today! (954) 994-2947

Weston, FL Case Studies

Whole House Affected by Mold

Problem: Homeowner of Weston contacted AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale because the house had water intrusion due to a roof leak coming from the dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom and bedroom, bedroom 1 and bedroom 2. An independent licensed Mold assessor company conducted a Mold Assessment evaluation and took air samples to confirm the extension of the damage. They found that 6 areas were affected with microbial activity and high moisture levels.

Solution: After the roof leak was repaired by a certified roof contractor, AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale began with the mold remediation. Our crew set- up containments ceiling to floor to prevent any mold spores from spreading to the rest of the house. Mold-contaminated materials were remediated by removing, cleaning and sanitizing all directly affected building materials and by cleaning some contents that were likely indirectly affected. We left air scrubbers and dehumidifiers machines running for 72 hours in order to guarantee that the air was completely clean and dry. After we finished, a post remediation verification test was made by an independent company and confirmed that the house was free of abnormal microbial activity. After remediating the areas, the overall air quality of the home totally changed.

mold growth caused from roof leak containment set up to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout homeair scrubber used to clean air of mold spores technician sanitizing to prevent microbial activity

Bathroom Remediation due to an overflown toilet

Problem: Customers rarely ever used their basement and did not know that their toilet had overflown until the smelled a horrible smell circulating throughout their home.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale performed water damage mitigation and removed the drywall was that moisture penetrating through the walls. We brought in air movers and fixed the leak from the toilet. The customers were so lucky that they caught the problem early before the water damage spread through the rest of the basement and caused mold growth along the walls.

water damage in the basement of a home in Weston, FL

Residential Duct Cleaning

Location: 33326

Customer: Maria

Problem: The customer called us because she felt musty odor coming from the A/C room.

Solution: We found the A-coil completely clogged with slime and adhered dust, the drain pan was dirty and full of Mildew. The first step we took was a thorough HEPA Vacuuming on the return plenum, then we HEPA Vacuumed the air handler, both sides of the coil and then a wet coil cleaning applying an alkaline coil cleaner and Mold Control, we cleaned the drain pan and put a slime control tab.
The next step was cleaning the supply side, first step was the registers removal and cleaning, then a HEPA Vacuuming of all the air discharges, to clean the ductwork we cut a 6" hole in the main trunk to connect the large HEPA collection Vacuum and with a set of rotary brushes we cleaned every branch line.The final step was fogging with Microban the whole system.

dirty air ducts in Weston, FL

Residential Duct Cleaning in Luxurious Home

Location: 33331

Customer: Daniel

Problem: Visible dust on each supply registers, customer´s wife and daughter with allergic symptoms when they arrive home.

Solution: After an initial assessment we realized the main problem sources were three completely clogged filters in the three different 2 Ton Air Handling Units which supply the master bedroom, the game room, the little girl room and the maid room.

The systems had never been cleaned before because the Air Handling Units are located on very hard to access places over a 22 ft. ceiling.

The project was challenging because of the ceiling height and also it should be performed in one weekend, when the customers traveled out of town.
The first step we took was set up a 17 ft scaffold on each room to access the ceiling registers and used an air scrubber per room to filter the air during the cleaning process. Following NADCA ACR 2013 standard we made a thorough HEPA Vacuuming of registers and using a HEPA negative pressure collection device with a rotary brush system cleaned the return side, then HEPA Vacuumed the air handler from inside, both sides of the coil, cleaned the drain pan and put a slime control tab.

The next step was cleaning the supply side of each system under the same protocol used for the return side.The final step was fogging with a Biocide the whole system and replaced the filters.

air duct cleaning in a high end apartment complex in Weston, FL air duct cleaning was a struggle due to the high ceilings in this apartment complex removing dirt and debris from Weston, FL apartments

Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Townhouse Unit

Location: 33331

Customer: Ernesto

Problem: Visible dust on each supply registers, HVAC contractor recommended an air duct cleaning specialist after a refrigerant leak repair. The customer found us through the NADCA web page.

Solution: After the initial inspection, we agreed with the customer he needed to have an air duct cleaning.
The first step was an in depth HEPA vacuuming on the return plenum, then we followed with the Air Handler making after the HEPA vacuuming a wet coil cleaning with a portable pressure washer.
We took special care to the supply ductwork because the duct board was old, that´s the reason why we chose a soft brush system to dislodge the adhered debris and the large HEPA collection device set up in 2500 cfm.

air duct cleaning precautions dirty air duct coils in Weston, FL town homes

coil cleaning before and after shots in Weston, FL

Weston, FL Services List:

-Mold Removal & Remediation
-Water Damage
-Air Duct Cleaning
-Dryer Vent Cleaning
-Crawl Space Encapsulation
-Moisture Control
-Coil Cleaning

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