AdvantaClean of South Wake and Johnston Counties Case Studies

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Success Stories

Location: Goldsboro, NC 27530

Problem: Kitchen fire in a 3 bedroom apartment destroyed the kitchen and dining rooms and smoke damaged the rest of the unit.

Customer: Multifamily Select, INC.

KitchenFire1.jpg KitchenSecond1.jpg


LOCATION: Raleigh, NC 27606

PROBLEM: A Customer's HVAC System stopped functioning in the middle of record August heat in NC. The HVAC company arrived on site and found mold in the crawlspace and refused to work on the system until it was remediated. The Customer called AdvantaClean of South Wake and Johnston Counties.

SOLUTION: We responded, remediating the mold over the weekend so that a new HVAC System could be installed on Monday and Tuesday. We then upgraded their crawlspace to a sealed crawlspace with conditioned air and changed from R-19 fiberglass insulation in the floor joists to 1.55" Foil Faced Extruded Polystyrene on the walls. Moisture Content in the wooden structure and Rh in the air dropped significantly, well below the maximum desirable levels.

InsulationFirst3.jpg InsulationSecond3.jpg  

InsulationThird3.jpg InsulationFourth3.jpg

InsulationFifth3.jpg InsulationSixth3.jpg

InsulationSeventh3.jpg InsulationEighth3.jpg