Case Studies

Water Damage Mitigation

Location: Middletown, CT 6457

Problem: Single Woman and Grandmother inherited an apartment that had for years been left in poor condition. There was signs of hoarding, water damage, and mold throughout 3 floors of the condominium unit.

Solution: Within 2 days of being hired, we were able to start the project. The crew worked 5 days straight to complete the project remediation project. We removed debris and old items left behind including damaged bathroom and kitchen cabinets, appliances, carpeting, and water damaged sheet rock from walls and ceilings. Items were separated according to the customers demands, and debris was bagged and removed from the home. During the work employees wore filtered face masks, and we ran HEPA filtered air scrubbers throughout the cleaning and remediation activities. Once demolition and cleanup was done, anti-microbial chemicals were used to clean and disinfect all of the surfaces and contents that remained. After, the duct work and air handler were cleaned throughout.

water damage mitigation in Hartford, CT water damage mitigation causes mold in Hartford, CT water damage mitigation and mold removal in Hartford, CT mold removal was performed on the homeowners belongings

Home Foundation Replacement

Location: Lansing, MI 48933

Problem: Sometimes, as a result of flooding, excessive humidity, soil pressures, and poor construction material, a foundation may becomes deteriorated beyond repair.

Under these conditions, the only options that are generally available would be to excavate under the home and rebuild the foundation. This option is rarely cost-effective and the home is usually condemned.

Solution: Scope of project is to cost effectively install a new reinforced foundation in front of the existing old foundation which is crumbling due to deterioration of mortar and block themselves.

Material Used: Fortress Pre-Cured Pre-Preg Grid Mesh

Design was based on shotcrete pool design, combined with a cantilever load of building. In short design used current foundation as backfill for new foundation. The floor was removed for interior system. Spread footer was increased to accept new wall. 4'X 8' sections of Fortress Carbon Grid were hung off of new sill plate. Drainage board was installed against old foundation. (becoming sandwiched between old and new foundation). Then a 6" shotcrete wall was shot creating a brand new basement interior. Total job completed in 5 days.

black mold removal mold build up in a home

black mold remediation advantaclean mold removal

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