AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, & Pembroke Pines loves to service Aventura, FL because we like to give back to the Aventura community. We offer multiple services such as water damage clean up, mold remediation, mold removal, and air duct cleaning. Aventura is a nice city to work with and we like to inform our customers that we are properly equipped to handle black mold. It`s nice to make their home and businesses a healthy and safe place to live and work.



Location: 33180

Problem: Owner of the property was out of town and HVAC unit was not functioning and they also liked opening the windows. The relative humidity was not controlled in the apartment therefore giving mold the perfect place to grow. High microbial colonization was found inside as well as elevated moisture. It spread in different area in the home making the containment a challenge. A lot of clothing and personal items were left in the remediation areas since clients were away. Since this was a high-end apartment it a lot of valued positions such as paintings, handmade curtains, Carpeting, sculptures. A lot of logistics went into preparing each room for mold removal.

Solution: Dehumidifiers and left running to control the excess humidity. All our AdvantaClean Team was called for this job since it was such a big remediation. It was crucial to go room by room storing clothing and making an inventory so all items in the home would be organized by box and room. We covered everything with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to protect carpets, Paintings, furniture. AdvantaClean crew was very careful handling every single item in this home. Zip-wall system was utilized in all areas of containments. Mold removal was finished on scheduled and budget.

Customer Testimonial

"The team worked very well and took care of my client`s home the right way. They went the extra mile and put all their belongings in boxes and made an inventory. Very happy with their services. Will highly recommend them to other clients!"

AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood & Pembroke Pines Mold Planning AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood & Pembroke Pines mold testing

mold on ceiling
AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood & Pembroke Pines mold spores and mold testing

mold on ceiling

AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood & Pembroke Pines mold removal process and remediation aventura FL AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood & Pembroke Pines air duct cleaning aventura FL


Location: 33180

Problem: This high end apartment was affected by a A/C leak that affected several areas like the a/c closet, kitchen laundry. The property owners did not notice this leak for some time. This created mold inside the wall cavities making stains appear alerting the homeowners of the mold. The metal behind the walls did not let water evaporate and it made a canal for the water to migrate inside the walls and throughout the home to several areas. Affected drywall, flooring and baseboards.the containment had to be very big to cover each area. We had to protect a high end kitchen from all the appliances.

Solution: We started by mounting the containment and covering all the kitchen cabinets and appliances, since it was going to be inside the containment. This high end apartment required a lot of logistics since it was in an apartment on the 43rd floor and the building was very strict on the vendors that enter the building. We had to present all our certifications and also liability to begin working. We hepa vacuumed every area. The advantaclean crew had to remove all the affected material in sealed bag to control the spores from spreading all over the home. After remediating every contaminated area, we went ahead and Fog the interior of the remediation work area with an approved anti-microbial solution. This job was handled though a Insurance claim and we billed the insurance directly for our services, therefore the client didn't pay one cent out of pocket.

mold removal preparation in Aventura, FL mold was found in the kitchen due to leaks in Aventura, FL

mold was attaching itself to the drywall insulation in a home in Aventura, FL after the remediation project was complete we did a moisture control testing

this was a before shot of mold covering being the fridge in Aventura, FL


Location: 33166

Problem: AdvantaClean was called to perform a dry vent cleaning in a beautiful building by the beach side. We had to enter in each of the apartment to access the drys. This was a challenge because not everybody was in their home at the time of the cleaning. Some apartment did not have the dryer vent hose and all the linen was launched into the closet, others were broken. Also caring all the equipment up 33 floors was a task that required a lot of logistics.

Solution: We had to team up with the building managers that handed us keys to all the units so we can access all the units if the owners were not present. They were notified of the time and date we will be passing by. This job took around a week to complete since there were so many dyers. The hose that were missing were replaced by new ones. The maintenance of the Dryer vents are very important and should be done frequency, this prevents malfunctions and even fires in some cases. The vents were cleaned from the roof as well discovering a lot of linen debris.

dryer vent lint in Aventura, FL dryer vent dirt in Aventura FL dryer vent cleaning in Aventura, FL apartment complexes

dryer vent cleaning and lint extraction in Aventura Florida dryer vent cleaner in Aventura, FL

mold Dryer vent cleaning in Miami and Aventura, FL


Location: 33169

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines team was called out to inspect mold growth that was found in a local supermarket. Visible mold was found above dairy refrigerator. The lack of insulation made the drywall condensate at some point causing visible microbial activity. Certainly the temperatures on the inside of a fridge will be different than that on the outside, but when we talk about atmospheric conditions, we must also include the humidity, which is the water vapor present in the atmosphere. This is the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

Team would have to work at night when supermarket closes and no guest are in the store. The employees of the store were going to be restocking all the inventory, therefore this was a challenge to coordinate the perfect timing when our crew can build containment on first night.

The containment was another part of the scope of work that had to be planned out. Team had to see a way to cover fridge full of dairy products and make containment above the fridge at a height of more that Ft.

Other contractors also had to be scheduled such as the refrigerant insulation and the General contractor. They were all pending Remediation Post testing to begin with their part of the job.

Solution: The job was done at night when store closed to public. Logistics were very important in order to stay on schedule. refrigerator was covered and protected in order to prevent cross contamination. The containment was definitely a challenge and a great opportunity to thrive in team work. The crew`s dynamic made every minute count and the results were as expected.

This containment was built as planned and the height was solved with a third crew member in floor level that passed all materials and equipment to the crew member on top of dairy refrigerator, the crew worked in a confined space around 10ft in height. This made the dynamic of the group come together to use the time efficiently and each technician was focused on the assigned task to complete the scope of work as per protocol.

Once containment was in place the team began to Hepa Vacuum and microclean in preparation for removal. Debri was bagged and sealed. Hepa filters were left running and dehumidifiers to control humidity levels. You may see more details in the attached pictures.

Post testing results came in clear and the refrigerant company installed insulation that would prevent condensation on the drywall therefore making the perfect home for mold to grow. Our crew was very happy to work on this project and helping this chain continue operating in normal business hours. A very nice project that we were very happy to participate.

mold mold

mold inspection mold inspection

mold inspection mold inspection


Location: 33029

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke pines, Florida was called our to asses a water damage emergency. When we receive a emergency call no matter what time, our team is ready for immediate response. When arrived the property in Aventura, Florida we did our visual inspection to determine source. This case was a water sewage back up where the home flooded with highly contaminated water, with nobody home you can imagine how the water migrated to all the rooms. Owner of the home was very stressed by situation and did not expect to come back home to structural damage. Odor in home was very strong and had to be treated as soon as possible to percent further contamination.

Solution: Category III damage must be cleaned and contaminated material must be removed by a licensed specialist. Our IICRC trained technicians began protocol. First carpets and flooring where water migrated was removed and properly disposed. Several walls also had to be removed that were in contact with sewage water. Each room was treated with high amounts of antimicrobial to prevent mold growth. Micro-cleaning was essential in this whole restoration process.

Relative humidity in the whole home was very high. Dehumidifiers and Hepa vacuums were placed thought the affected rooms to dry home properly and prevent structural damage. State of the art Thermal imaging detected moisture in walls and also using Moisture meter water migrations was determined.

Since the home presented pungent odor, Ozone was the best approach to treat it. Ozone treatment was applied everyday for 5 days straight and the difference was unimaginable. Hepa air scrubbers with carbon filters helped with odor control as well. Scope of work was documented and sent to insurance. Client was very happy with results and effectiveness of drying process. AdvantaClean was happy to return a healthy home back.

moisture detector moisture meter

water damage removal from the carpet black mold removal in the bath rub

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