AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, & Pembroke Pines loves to service the Hallendale, FL because we get to teach a lot of people about removing black mold and cleaning their air ducts.



Location: 33160

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood Aventura and Pembroke Pines Florida was called out to do a free inspection. This customers trying to install cable tv and the cable man noticed that they had some strange stains on the wall. The customer after removing some furniture noticed these stains throughout the whole apartment. Mold was one of the main concerns that this homeowner had. They had an AC issue a while back due to having an outdated AC unit. This was causing high humidity levels and contaminating every room. There was a lot of dust behind every piece of furniture and this helped mold thrive in their home. Every room had carpet and also had stains under the furniture. Further testing was needed to determine what these unusual stains were.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Hollywood Pembroke Pines in Aventura began mold mediation after receiving 3rd party mold testing report. The report demonstrated that there were high counts of aspergillus penicillium throughout several rooms of the home. Plastic containment barriers were created to prevent cross contamination in rooms that were affected. We also had to remove some dry wall and micro clean the entire area including the wall cavity with antibacterial after Hepa vacuuming. Furniture also had to be micro cleaned to ensure every surface was sanitized. After 72 hours of the Hepa air scrubbers running. Post testing verification was performed by the 3rd party mold assessor and results were clear. There was no presence of AB normal microbial activity in the home. The home owner also replaced AC unit with a newer system. Customer was very happy with the work performed and we are happy to improve their home air quality.

mold found on corner of wall


Location: 22027

Problem: When our team arrived we were informed that the water damage source was coming from a burst pipe in the attic. This pipe was installed when the client had a remolding done and this pipe started leaking affecting client`s Living room and kitchen. It was a challenge to dry all the wall cavities. All the furniture was at risk of water damage.

Solution: We had to put all the furniture above foam pads to prevent staining. The walls were injected with top of the line drying equipment, Injectidri. This made the drying processes much easier and faster. The celling was also dried with this format. This was an insurance claim so we had to present all the proper documentation of the damage to help the claim process. Client was very happy with our emergency services and thanked us for giving her a helping hand.

Customer Testimonial:

"They were very nice and professional, They were in my home and didn't leave until they fixed my water damage. They brought in machines and left them running to dry everything. I was very happy to see their concerns for solving my issue."

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