AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, & Pembroke Pines loves to service the Miami Gardens area. Our Miami Garden services include mold removal, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, water damage mitigation, coil cleaning, and moisture control.



Location: 33055

Problem: AdvantaClean was called to Miami Gardens area for a free mold inspection. This home owner had a mold situation in her home. She was very frustrated because her insurance company took so long for coverage that her whole home was highly contaminated with mold. She had water damage caused by the unit above that flooded her whole apartment. The air ducts were in such bad shape that they had to be removed and replaced. She was no longer able to stay in this apartment because it was making her very sick. She was left homeless due to this high contamination situation she encountered. This is why it is very important when you have a water damage in your home to To seek the help of trained professionals to re story or home and prevent Further structural damages.

Solution: As trained professionals we know the 1st step was to document the damage and get 3rd party testing in order to know exactly what type of mold we were dealing with and to have a clear vision of the scope of work. After the test came back the results showed a high amount of Stachybortys most commonly known as "Black Mold". We teamed up with a general contractor to remove the contaminated air ducts. The ducts could not be saved or restored. Each room had to be sanitized by micro cleaning and intense hepa vacuuming. We followed the mold assessors protocol and removed every carpet in the home along with some dry wall and all the baseboards along the home. The ceiling and laminate flooring was also removed. After all the demolition was complete, we proceeded with micro cleaning and hepa vacuuming all the wall cavities and exposed flooring. We made sure that every single surface in the home was sanitized. Once we completed the mold remediation we were ready for mold post verification testing. This is the most important step when finalizing a mold remediation to make sure that the homeowner can return to a healthy home. All testing was cleared and their was no abnormal microbial activity. The homeowner had to proceed with build back of the HVAC ducts and the rest of the removed material that was contaminated. She was very happy with AdvantaClean could help get back to her home.

moldy dry wall mold in air ducts


Location: Miami Gardens

Problem: AdvantaClean was called for a free inspection for a Air duct cleaning estimate. This client never had a air duct cleaning. They did not know that air ducts could be cleaned. This family had pets and were worried about the Air quality in there home. They wanted to know how we cleaned air ducts. We observed dust around the registers and this indicated it was time for a Air duct cleaning. Their Coil was also clogged with pet dandruff as well as the A/C closet. Their children were experiencing allergies when they turned the A/C on, this made them develop concerns about the state of their Air ducts.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines follows NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Standards in every air duct cleaning. This client located in Miami Gardens in Florida needed a trusted licensed professional to perform a proper Air Duct cleaning. Our trained technicians removed and detailed every register and vent in the home with antibacterial solution. The Air Ducts are cleaned with a Hepa Filter Vacuum. The coil was also cleaned in place with an antibacterial solution and EPA approved coil solution. Once the cleaning was completed the client noticed a big difference when they turned on the air conditioning and even mentioned that the air quality in there home feels great! This is why its important to always contract NADCA certified professionals to perform Air Duct cleanings in you home.

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Location: 33056

Problem: This resident had a roof leak affecting Living room and a bedroom. There was a lot of water everywhere. Water was pouring into home and soaked everything. Since this was an insurance claim the roof was going to take time to be repaired.

Solution: AdvantaClean crew worked with client and their insurance company in a race to prevent mold growth. Dehumidifiers and fans were distributed thought the house. Since clients did not leave home, HEPA filters were added to filter all the loose particles being moved from fans also to control odor. We had to install a tarp so client`s home wouldn’t suffer from water damage again. The insurance company remarked that we did a great job with the installation of the tarp.

Customer Testimonial:

"Advantaclean was very good to work with, they were very professional in the way the worked and the technology they started to bring into my home, they helped me with my water damage and roof leak. They dried my home in 3 days and it meant a lot to me since they treated my home with respect."

water damage-Miami Gardens flood water damage-Miami Gardens

remediation-Miami Gardens water damage remediation and removal -Miami Gardens

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