AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, & Pembroke Pines loves to service the Miramar area because it is a great place to meet new customers and allows us to cater to a lot of mold jobs.


Attic Humidity Ventilation For a Healthy Home

Location: 33019

Problem: Client started noticing a stain on his ceiling and called AdvantaClean for a proper assessment. When our crew arrived on site we noticed the stains near the registers and since it was on the second floor of the home we decided to go up in the attic to inspect further. Once the AdvantaClean team found the source of the damage. The insulation was dripping wet. When we removed some insulating we noticed that the air duct presented condensation and this was the water damage that made the mold grow. The owner of the property wanted to fix the issue as soon as possible, but we also needed to contact a/c professional to remove and replace air ducts.

Solution: After air duct were changed by A/C contractor, we dried the area to prevent the mold from growing. Testing was performed and there was high ratio of mold spores in the air sample and swap. We proceeded with making a containment in the attic door so the humidity levels were controlled inside the home. Customer was very comfortable with us and felt that we helped throughout the whole process. The job was performed in estimated time frame.




Hidden Mold Removal In The Kitchen

Location: 33025

Problem: This case was a home that remodeled their kitchen. In this kitchen their was a window that they covered with drywall to make the kitchen bigger. This windows was filtrating water into the home and nobody noticed since the window was behind the wall and cabinets. One day the homeowner noticed the kitchen cabinets starting to turn black. This already them of the situation and called us in for mold remediation. We found a lot of mold and the kitchen had to be removed.

Solution: AdvantaClean provided mold remediation in accordance with the standards. Construct a localized containment system and establish negative pressure in the area. Any HVAC vents were closed and / or temporarily sealed as needed to obtain negative pressure within the containment system relative to the inhabited space and / or the outdoor environment. All exhaust lines are were HEPA filtered. We began to remove the kitchen and the drywall covering the window. A lot of mold was found in the area.

HEPA vacuumed the exposed substrates and flat surfaces within the containment areas. Wire-brush areas of intense or elevated colonization while HEPA vacuuming.Thoroughly clean the exposed substrates and flat surfaces, including any exposed mechanical components and fixtures, on all exposed sides with an anti-microbial disinfectant solution.

mold was covering the walls in Miramar, FL making this homewoner sick mold was growing from the moisture from cracks in the window in Miramar, FL

mold was growing on the electrical inlets in a Miramar, FL house mold from the inside of a drywall from a remediation AdvantaClean did in Miramar, FL

removal of mold off the wall after mold removal we dried the house to lock moisture out in Miramar, FL

happy customers after a mold removal in Miramar, FL

Miramar Dryer Vent Cleaning in a High-End Condominium

Location: 33180

Problem: We were contacted by a High-end condominium in Miramar that needed to get all the apartments dryer vents cleaned, since they have never had this service done. The challenge was to coordinate that the apartment doors were open to access the dryer unit. Logistics were very important because the equipment had to move between every floor.

Solution: We set up a cart that had all the consumables we needed for this job. This facilitated having close by everything we needed to finish the job in budget and on time. The condominium was in charge of communicating to the owners the date and time we would be there to perform the cleaning. This really made things easy and we were also handed keys for apartment were no one answered. This was a great experience in working with commercial Dryer vents and meeting clients expectations.

dryer vent cleaning before and after at Miramar, FL dryer vent fire in Mirarmar, FL

dryer vent had mold growth in Miramar, FL dryer vents through an apartment complex were filled with lint in Miramar, FL

dryer vent lint and build up are stuffed up in the dryer vent from irregular cleaning AdvantaClean truck at a dryer vent cleaning

owner, Juan, does a dryer vent cleaning for a whole apartment complex in Miramar, FL this dryer vent cleaning took AdvantaClean 2 days to complete in Miramar, FL

Commercial Antibacterial Air Duct Cleaning

Location: 33025

Problem: AdvantaClean was called out to perform an air duct cleaning for a recognized tile distributor in South Florida. When our crew arrived at the location they quickly noticed this was no regular commercial air duct cleaning. Mold was found on the outside of the air ducts in several offices. This was no problem to handle since we specialize in mold removal and prevention. The air ducts were very dirty and never had a cleaning done before. The work was to be performed after business hours since this was a large company with several employees and offices in the building.

Solution: Our crew arrived after business hours and began working on contaminated ducts by setting up containment and properly covering all the belongings of employee such as deck, chairs, files etc. While this was going on the rest of the crew began working on the air duct cleaning in the rest of the building. This job took several days and demanded a crew of more than 5 people to finish in scheduled timing. The client was very happy with the work performed and also liked our customer service. We also educated them as to how important it is to keep air quality in an establishment in a standard quality.

air duct cleaning in a tile distributor in Miramar, FL air duct cleaning brush

mold covering a Tile Shops air ducts in Miramar, FL mold removal on air ducts that have never been cleaned in Miramar, FL

mold removal and air duct cleaning before and after shots in Miramar, FL mold removal off the air ducts that people were breathing in in Miramar, FL

mold removal preparation to keep the occupants and belongings of the building safe mold growth and dust accumulating in the air ducts of a Miramar, FL building

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