AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, & Pembroke Pines loves to service the North Miami Beach area because it is a common place to find mold and moisture issues during the Florida heat.

North Miami Beach, FL Case Studies


Location: 33044

Problem: Store had an issue with a roof leak. The water traveled down through the cinderblocks and migrated through the interior of the walls. An office started to present signs of mold. Visible stains started to appear, alerting works of the damage. The challenge presented itself on the height of the walls, about 20 ft high. The job also had to be performed after hours, when all the customers and workers left.

Solution: Roof leak was repaired. Our team arrived on site after store closed. AdvantaClean crew had to make the largest containment yet, 20 ft. tall to prevent contamination of other areas not affected by mold therefore mapping out this was the most important part of the job. Once this was constructed with the help of scaffolds to reach all affected areas. Mold was HEPA vacuumed and also micro cleaned and all contaminated areas were treated.

commercial mold removal mold removal in a hardware store in Miami Beach mold removal protection

commercial mold removal in Miami Beach FL


Location: 33160

Problem: This client called AdvantaClean after discovering their A/C unit in the ceiling was leaking. The leak was caused by the a/c drainage clogging up, leaving the water no were to go but into the walls and structure of the home. They also experienced strong odor coming from the laundry room and a closet. The mold stains were very visible and scared the homeowners into taking action.

Solution: AdvantaClean arrived on site and check with thermal imaging to reassure that there was no water present. The homeowners fixed the a/c leak permitting us to begin mold remediation once the water damage source was controlled. The first step was building a containment to prevent contamination of unaffected areas. After this was set up we began removing all the affected drywall. Once we opened up the walls we saw it was very bad state. It was visible that the walls were exposed to a lot of water for a long time. We also added insulation to the A/C refrigerant pipe that did not have any, this produced condensation if not properly isolated.

protection from air borne mold spores in North Miami Beach leaky pipes cause mold growth in North Miami Beach mold growth was found all through out the subfloor of a North Miami Beach home

fixing the leaky pipes that caused mold in the floor visible mold from the bottom of flooring in North Miami Beach mold fungus reproducing through out a North Miami Beach home

leaky pipes caused flooding in the home that eventually lead to mold growth North Miami Beach mold extraction from the ceiling


Location: 33162

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines was called our to perform a free of charge inspection. We meet with a commercial office in North Miami Beach. Office manager met with us and walked us through the offices. She expressed that they had several complaints from employees that felt allergies when at work. Also they had a previous water leak and were concerned they may have mold present. Thermal imaging infrared camera picked up on several ceiling tiles with moistures present, other stains seem to be old. There were more than 89 offices in the whole building almost all of the tiles were stained. Each office was inspected with thermal imaging. Our certified IICRC technicians lifted ceiling tiles to see what was causing water. The roof gallivanted sheets were rusted and oxidized. They were informed that the water source had to be corrected before anything was done. A/C system never had a cleaning in more that 6 years, our team expressed that this might be the root of the problem and allergies that employees were experiencing.

Solution: AdvantaClean was very happy to begin Air duct cleaning in these offices. This had to be done after hours to not interrupt workers. Our team works 24/7 to accommodate all needs and hours. All registers were removed and cleaned outside with pressure washer. They were very dirty and antimicrobial had to be applied. This big building had 4 main A/C systems which each coil was cleaned and treated with antimicrobial. Duct work was properly cleaned with wipes making sure all particles were dragged to HEPA vacuum.

Once cleaning was done air quality changed notably in the office. Workers noticed the changes even in the odor.

Indoor air quality is one concern when people look into the efficiency of their HVAC system. Contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated into your air. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants in the ductwork.

In addition to regularly scheduled commercial duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance, newly installed systems should be cleaned before the building is reoccupied and the system is permitted to operate.

It is estimated that poor indoor air quality directly results in one billion annually in medical costs and $60 billion in employee sick leave and lost production.

black mold in air ducts commercial air duct cleaning

air duct cleaning in North Miami Beach dirty air vents

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