Dirty Moldy Commercial Air duct cleaning

Location: Miramar, FL 33025

Problem: AdvantaClean was called out to perform an Air duct cleaning in a recognized Tile distributor in South Florida. When our crew arrived at the location they quickly noticed this was no regular commercial air duct cleaning. Mold was found on the outside of the air ducts in several offices. This was no problem to handle since we specialize in mold removal and prevention. The air ducts were very dirty and never had a cleaning done before. The work was to be performed after business hours since this was a large company with several employees and offices in the building.

Solution: Our crew arrived after business hours and began working on contaminated ducts by setting up containment and properly covering all the belongings of employee such as deck, chairs, files etc. While this was going on the rest of the crew began working on the air duct cleaning in the rest of the building. This job took several days and demanded a crew of more than 5 people to finish in scheduled timing. The client was very happy with the work performed and also liked our customer service. We also educated them as to how important it is to keep air quality in an establishment in a standard quality.

Moldy commercial air duct cleaning

Dryer Vent cleaning by the beach

Location: Aventura, FL 33166

Problem: AdvantaClean was called to perform a dry vent cleaning in a beautiful building by the beach side. We had to enter in each of the apartment to access the drys. This was a challenge because not everybody was in their home at the time of the cleaning. Some apartment did not have the dryer vent hose and all the linen was launched into the closet, others were broken. Also caring all the equipment up 33 floors was a task that required a lot of logistics.

Solution: We had to team up with the Building managers that handed us keys to all the units so we can access all the units if the owners were not present. They were notified of the time and date we will be passing by. This job took around a week to complete since there were so many dyers. The hose that were missing were replaced by new ones. The maintenance of the Dryer vents are very important and should be done frequency, this prevents malfunctions and even fires in some cases. The vents were cleaned from the roof as well discovering a lot of linen debris.

dryer vent cleaning beach house

Miramar Dryer vent cleaning in High-end condominium

Location: Miramar, FL 33180

Problem: We were contacted by a High-end condominium in Miramar that needed to get all the apartments dryer vents cleaned, since they have never had this service done. The challenge was to coordinate that the apartment doors were open to access the dryer unit. Logistics were very important because the equipment had to move between every floor.

Solution: We set up a cart that had all the consumables we needed for this job. This facilitated having close by everything we needed to finish the job in budget and on time. The condominium was in charge of communicating to the owners the date and time we would be there to perform the cleaning. This really made things easy and we were also handed keys for apartment were no one answered. This was a great experience in working with commercial Dryer vents and meeting clients expectations.

Dyer vent cleaning in high ed condo

Moldy A/C leak

Location: North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Problem: This client called AdvantaClean after discovering their A/C unit in the ceiling was leaking. The leak was caused by the a/c drainage clogging up, leaving the water no were to go but into the walls and structure of the home. They also experienced strong odor coming from the laundry room and a closet. The mold stains were very visible and scared the homeowners into taking action.

Solution: AdvantaClean arrived on site and check with thermal imaging to reassure that there was no water present. The homeowners fixed the a/c leak permitting us to begin mold remediation once the water damage source was controlled. The first step was building a containment to prevent contamination of unaffected areas. After this was set up we began removing all the affected drywall. Once we opened up the walls we saw it was very bad state. It was visible that the walls were exposed to a lot of water for a long time. We also added insulation to the A/C refrigerant pipe that did not have any, this produced condensation if not properly isolated.

Moldy A/C Water Leak

Commercial hardware Store Air duct cleaning

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL 33166

Problem: AdvantaClean was called because a well known Commercial Hardware store was presenting visible mold stains. The source of the problem was evidently a water filtration on the roof of the building. Once this filtration was repaired a mold remediation was necessary. Also the air ducts had to be cleaned. The area were AdvantaClean crew will be working was the employees break room, there for the challenge was not to disturb them.

Solution: AdvantaClean began by removing contaminated materials from the area, and then wiping down with micro-ban an antimicrobial to prevent mold growth in the future. After this was performed we proceeded with the air duct cleaning: All interior components of the air handler were cleaned in-place. All mechanical or machined components were maintained for corrosion by removing loose rust and scale. Following the completion of the mechanical cleaning process, a residual antimicrobial treatment shall be applied to the interior of the duct work. Anti-microbial solutions will be applied. This whole process was done by keeping in mind the employees safety and also informing them every step of the way, they were very nice and understanding to work with.

air duct cleaning

Miramar Kitchen Mold

Location: Hollywood, FL 33025

Problem: This case was a home that remodeled their kitchen. In this kitchen their was a window that they covered with drywall to make the kitchen bigger. This windows was filtrating water into the home and nobody noticed since the window was behind the wall and cabinets. One day the homeowner noticed the kitchen cabinets starting to turn black. This already them of the situation and called us in for mold remediation. We found a lot of mold and the kitchen had to be removed.

Solution: AdvantaClean provided mold remediation in accordance with the standards. Construct a localized containment system and establish negative pressure in the area. Any HVAC vents were closed and / or temporarily sealed as needed to obtain negative pressure within the containment system relative to the inhabited space and / or the outdoor environment. All exhaust lines are were HEPA filtered. We began to remove the kitchen and the drywall covering the window. A lot of mold was found in the area. HEPA vacuumed the exposed substrates and flat surfaces within the containment areas. Wire-brush areas of intense or elevated colonization while HEPA vacuuming.Thoroughly clean the exposed substrates and flat surfaces, including any exposed mechanical components and fixtures, on all exposed sides with an anti-microbial disinfectant solution.

water damage mold kitchen moldy kitchen

A/C Leak water damage with mold

Location: Aventura, FL 33180

Problem: This high end apartment was affected by a A/C leak that affected several areas like the a/c closet, kitchen laundry. The property owners did not notice this leak for some time. This created mold inside the wall cavities making stains appear alerting the homeowners of the mold. The metal behind the walls did not let water evaporate and it made a canal for the water to migrate inside the walls and throughout the home to several areas. Affected drywall, flooring and baseboards.the containment had to be very big to cover each area. We had to protect a high end kitchen from all the appliances .

Solution: We started by mounting the containment and covering all the kitchen cabinets and appliances, since it was going to be inside the containment. This high end apartment required a lot of logistics since it was in an apartment on the 43rd floor and the building was very strict on the vendors that enter the building. We had to present all our certifications and also liability to begin working. We HEPA vacuumed every area. The AdvantaClean crew had to remove all the affected material in sealed bag to control the spores from spreading all over the home. After remediating every contaminated area, we went ahead and Fog the interior of the remediation work area with an approved anti-microbial solution. This job was handled though a Insurance claim and we billed the insurance directly for our services, therefore the client didn't pay one cent out of pocket.

AC water leak damage mold

Water Heater Leak

Location: Sunny Isles, FL 33024

Problem: Water Heater had a leak and the water migrated all the way down and affected 3 apartments. We were called to attend one of the affected apartments. There was water in the kitchen and dining room and in the wall cavities.

Solution: We injected the walls with hot air from our Injectidri machine. Hydroxyl generators were used to control the odor as well as HEPA filters. Dehumidifiers also helped us to control humidity. The apartment was dry on the 5th day and mold growth was prevented because the drying process was done just in time.

Water heater leak water damage

Burst Pipe water damage in ceiling

Location: Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Problem: When our team arrived we were informed that the water damage source was coming from a burst pipe in the attic. This pipe was installed when the client had a remolding done and this pipe started leaking affecting client`s living room and kitchen. It was a challenge to dry all the wall cavities. All the furniture was at risk of water damage.

Solution: We had to put all the furniture above foam pads to prevent staining. The walls were injected with top of the line drying equipment, Injectidri. This made the drying processes much easier and faster. The ceiling was also dried with this format. This was an insurance claim so we had to present all the proper documentation of the damage to help the claim process. Client was very happy with our emergency services and thanked us for giving her a helping hand.

ceiling burst pipe water damage

Recognized retail store- Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Kendall, FL 33186

Problem: A recognized retailer store was overdue for a duct cleaning. Inspection revealed very dirty ducts. Cleaning was restricted to be performed after hours. Air ducts were hard to reach and were very high. Diameter of diffuser was an issue as well, some were 6ft of diameter and this was an issue. 9 HVAC system, 7 for the store and receiving area, 2 for the office. Some duct works have outside insulation. There were Around 70. Diffusers/ vent and somewhere difficult to reach do to merchandise in the way. The store was under remodeling and there was a lot of people working at the same time.

Solution: "AdvantaClean crew were scheduled to perform work after store was closed. We had to rent man lift in order to reach Air ducts on high ceiling. We cleaned the ducts in 9 days. We reported all our findings and had the work order signed by store manager. We designed a plastic cover for the diffusers to install the vacuum and to seal the other registers.

air duct cleaning

Residential Roof leak water damage

Location: Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Problem: This resident had a roof leak affecting Living room and a bedroom. There was a lot of water everywhere. Water was pouring into home and soaked everything. Since this was an insurance claim the roof was going to take time to be repaired. The ceiling inside the home was soaking wet, when checked with thermal imaging presented high signs of moisture, this was the main issue to restore.

Solution: AdvantaClean crew worked with client and their insurance company in a race to prevent mold growth. Dehumidifiers and fans were distributed thought the house. Since clients did not leave home, HEPA filters were added to filter all the loose particles being moved from fans also to control odor. We had to install a tarp so client`s home wouldn’t suffer from water damage again. The insurance company remarked that we did a great job with the installation of the tarp. We had to inject dry air into the ceiling with top of the line drying technology called InjectiDri. The client was very impressed with this machine.

roof leak water damage roof leak water damage

Air duct Mold removal with water damage

Location: Miramar, FL 33019

Problem: Client started noticing a stain on his ceiling and called AdvantaClean for a proper assessment. When our crew arrived on site we noticed the stains near the registers and since it was on the second floor of the home we decided to go up in the attic to inspect further. The AdvantaClean team found the source of the damage. The insulation was dripping wet. When we removed some insulating we noticed that the air duct presented condensation and this was the water damage that made the mold grow. The owner of the property wanted to fix the issue as soon as possible, but we also needed to contact A/C professional to remove and replace air ducts

Solution: After air ducts were changed by A/C contractor, we dried the area to prevent the mold from growing. Testing was performed and there was high ratio of mold spoors in the air sample and swap. We proceeded with making a containment in the attic door so the humidity levels were controlled inside the home. Customer was very comfortable with us and felt that we helped throughout the whole process. The job was performed within estimated time frame.

Air duct mold removal

Wild Forrest Home foreclosure mold removal

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Problem: This home was in foreclosure and was in very bad shape and presented microbial activity in 7 rooms. Source of damage was a roof leak on east wall that affected all the room in the area. The home was also uninhabited with high relative humidity. Mushrooms were coming out of the baseboards. When the laminate floors were removed the AdvantaClean crew noticed tree roots under the flooring. This came from an outside tree. A lot of debris was going to be removed from the home.

Solution: We started by room and worked our way through the home treating each affected area. The proper procedures were taken and we encapsulated with Foster 40-20 to prevent mold growth from coming back. We recommended that plants were transplanted to at least 5ft away from home to prevent this from reoccurring. A nice job to test our remediation skills and protocol.

foreclosed home mold removal foreclosed home mold removal

Residential Plumbing leak water Damage with mold removal

Location: Dania Beach, FL 33044

Problem: This property presented a leak in the toilet supply line. The odor was very pungent as you enter. Complaints of mildew smell and humidly were reported to the property management. Walls presented visible microbial activity at time of inspection primarily around A/C closet, bathroom and bedroom as well as moisture intrusion into the building.

Solution: First our crew had to make sure water was contained therefore started the drying process and water extraction. After this was controlled we continued to treat the mold as to standard protocol. It was very important to control the area with a containment using polyethylene sheeting ceiling to flow around affected area and maintain the area with negative pressure using HEPA filtered fan unit. We blocked all the supply and return air vents within containment area. The whole bathroom wall that touched the bedroom was demoed due to rot and mold inside the cavities. AdvantaClean crew had to dispose of mold impacted material and remove it from the property.

plumbing leak mold removal

Mold Removal and water damage Beachside Resort

Location: Hollywood, FL 33019

Problem: This beachside resort had mold issues in their gym. They had complaints of mold odor and stains by the employees and hotel guests. There was a very wet wall that was caused by a restaurant leak in the neighbor walls. The relative humidity and moisture were extremely high, causing mold growth in several areas such as fitting rooms and bathrooms. We were asked to be discrete and try to fix the issue as soon as possible. The same time the remediation was going on the gym was being remodeled, therefore a lot of people were working at the same time to reopen the gym as soon as possible.

Solution: We had to dry the wet wall with injection dry and dehumidifiers, in order to control moisture in and behind the wall. We performed mold tests and came back with elevated microbial activity. The containment was placed in areas to prevent contamination to unaffected parts of the gym. AdvantaClean performed protocol mold removal. The gym was completely closed to guests while job was being performed to prevent mold exposure.

Mold removal water damage

High end Luxury apartment Mold removal

Location: Aventura, FL 33180

Problem: Owner of the property was out of town and HVAC unit was not functioning and they also liked opening the windows. The relative humidity was not controlled in the apartment therefore giving mold the perfect place to grow. High microbial colonization was found inside as well as elevated moisture. It spread in different areas in the home making the containment a challenge. A lot of clothing and personal items were left in the remediation areas since client was away. Since this was a high-end apartment it had a lot of valued positions such as paintings, handmade curtains, Carpeting, sculptures. A lot of logistics went into preparing each room for mold removal.

Solution: The solution was dehumidifiers left running to control the excess humidity. All our AdvantaClean Team was called for this job since it was such a big remediation. It was crucial to go room by room storing clothing and making an inventory so all items in the home would be organized by box and room. We covered everything with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to protect carpets, Paintings, furniture. AdvantaClean crew was very careful handling every single item in this home. Zip-wall system was utilized in all areas of containments. Mold removal was finished on scheduled time and budget.

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HVAC Air Ducts Encapsulation

Location: Hollywood, FL 33025

Problem: AdvantaClean of Aventura, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, was called out to inspect a home whose was ceiling had visible mold stains. A strong, musty moldy odor, was reported by the homeowner located in Hollywood Florida. After inspecting the HVAC ducts, we could determine that they were highly contaminated inside. We informed our client that the air ducts could not be cleaned, that they should be removed. We set up a meeting with the building Engineer of Hollywood Florida condominium and they said it would be to complicated to remove ducts as this would be very costly, move around water pipes, and A/C drainage pipes from the building. Due to this situation, the best option was encapsulating air ducts with antibacterial coating paint called Foster 40/20. We would have to team up with a general contractor in the area of Hollywood Florida to help us access and paint all air ducts.

Solution: The best option for the client was microcleaning, HEPA vacuum and antibacterial encapsulation paint for this Hollywood Florida condo. The area that presented visible mold stains inside the ducts were hepa vacuumed and also micro cleaned with antibacterial solution. After this we proceeded to encapsulate with Foster 40/20 a Fungicidal Protective Coating in Hollywood Florida to access all air ducts and guarantee we encapsulate 100% of the ducts surface we had to open several openings in various areas of the ceiling drywall. This solved the clients air quality issue in a cost effective way, he was really happy with results. The A/C was not left off again and his mold issue did not return. The key for mold control is humidity control.

Air Handler and Wood Stands Don't Mix

Location: Hialeah, FL 33147

Problem: Our client booked a free mold inspection with AdvantaClean in Hialeah Florida to help solve their mold problem. The A/C stand was fully contaminated with visible black mold. This is a issue we commonly see in several homes we visit in Hialeah Florida . Some A/C units still sit on wood stands, even though this is out code. A/C stands suffer from water damage constantly, due to coil draining water, this is why porous material does not work well as a A/C stand. The wood was swollen, contaminated and also affected drywall around it. With every inspection we perform in Hialeah Florida, we not only correct the Air quality issue, but also inform residents on how to prevent mold contamination from recurring.

Solution: AdvantaClean set up contained work areas inside the home and the point of contamination. This ensures that the client was protected from further air contamination. The HVAC contractor removed the A/C unit, so we can proceed to discard contaminated A/C wood stand and also drywall. The drywall presented Visible mold inside the wall cavity. This is a common place to find black mold. Always A/C closest should be checked to prevent further damages. The recommendation was to also place a metal stand where A/C can sit, since this is a non porous material they will have this issue again. It is very important to install a metal pan collector under A/C to prevent water damage leaks, also add a water sensor that also prevents further damages from occurring. After Mold testing was performed by third party assessor results came back clear. After remediating the areas the overall air quality of the home changed.

Water heater with no drain pan

Location: Dania Beach, FL 33024

Problem: AdvantaClean was called out to Dania Beach Florida for a water heater leak. When we arrived on site, several walls were affected and drywall was wet. One of the main problems was that the water heater did not have a drainage pan, nor did it have a water detection sensor. There was no central drainage for the water heater in the entire condominium. We always service Dania Beach Florida and offer free onsite mold inspections to all out residents. Dania Beach Florida is a place we love to work and help the community be aware of Air quality issues and know the steps that follow as per Florida State law mold remediation services.

Solution: After the plumber fixed the leak, AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines Florida began the dry out process. Our trained technicians acted fast arriving at Dania Beach Florida, to dry out the wall cavities to prevent possible microbial activity. antibacterial was used in all the areas the water was migrated. Dehumidifiers were also placed and fans to help the drying process. After 3 days of water restoration, the area was dried out completely. We recommended this Dania Beach Florida resident to place a drainage pan under the water heater to prevent water damage again. We recommended that they install water sensors and in the presence of water they redirect to drainage designed to prevent water from returning into structure. The condominium in Dania Beach Florida should consider this installment of drainage lines to prevent leak from occurring in the first place

Bathroom Fixture Issues

Location: Hollywood, FL 33019

Problem: Advantaclean of Aventura, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines was called out to inspect a bathroom with visible microbial activity. This resident was located in Hollywood Florida. The bathroom had a built in seat made of wood and a lot of fixtures that caused water to leak through the wall cavity. Therefore damaging and creating a real air quality issue. Black mold was visible around the fixtures. Mold testing was recommended, so they can document damage and also what type of mold we would be remediating. This client wanted to proceed with direct insurance billing for mold remediation. We were called out because AdvantaClean of Hollywood Florida services all residents and homeowners of Hollywood, Florida.

Solution: After the mold testing results, Advantaclean proceeded with mold remediation in Hollywood Florida. Our process began by constructing plastic barrier containments. For any mold removal project this step is crucial to prevent cross contamination to other areas that are not contaminated. Based on the mold testing results and report performed by Mold Assessor in Hollywood Florida, we began to remove the the contaminated material. The bathroom wall cavity was highly contaminated with black mold. Tiles had to be removed in order to access and remove all contaminated material. When we begin removing the built in seat inside the wall cavity, we found water was being deposited on this structure, creating hidden water damage. We sanitized and micro cleaned all the exposed wall cavities with antibacterial. We left the the Hepa air scrubbers running for 72 hours to ensure, we sanitized and replenished with clean filtered air. In Hollywood Florida mold testing was performed by third party testing company and was cleared. The recommendations were to design the bathroom with less fixtures, and also prevent the shower from having a built in seat and that generates water intrusion inside wall cavity therefore creating hidden water damage and mold contamination.

Family Mold Remediation

Location: Hollywood, FL

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines of Florida attended a Free on site inspection. This homeowner was located in Hollywood Florida. As soon as we walked in the door we could smell a strong odor. Our customer showed us each room and we found that they had an active roof leak that caused damage to a upstairs bathroom and living room area. Before any mold remediation could begin the water source had to be stopped. This home owner needed a trap placement due to it being rainy season and it could cause more damage to the structure. Also they needed to do as per Florida state law initial testing in order to see what type of mold we were dealing with and also to obtain a clear scope of work.

Solution: This home owner located in Hollywood Florida, had Mold Testing done and obtained a professional full report of the scope of work. Stachybotrys and other mold types were found in the bathroom area and living room ceiling. AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura and Pembroke Pines Florida began mold remediation. The home owner wanted us to proceed with direct insurance billing for mold remediation. Since, the insurance claim was in process the roof was not fixed yet but owner wanted mold removed immediately, AdvantaClean placed a tarp to prevent water from entering home until the homeowner fixed the roof. Following the guidelines of the initial mold testing, we began building a containment plastic barrier that is used to prevent cross contamination and make sure that the we replenish area with clean filtered air passed though a air scrubber Hepa Filter. The bathroom walls where removed along with ceiling and all the areas were hepa vacuumed and micro-cleaned exposed wall cavities and all surfaces. The living room ceiling was also remediated. Hepa filter air-scrubbers were left running for 72 hours along with dehumidifiers to ensure humidity levels were controlled. After all this process was complete, The third part post testing verification was conducted. The test was cleared and this customer did not have to pay one cent out of pocket for us to begin and complete work. This is the advantage of direct insurance billing.

Tarp on roof to prevent water from entering home containment area for mold remediation moldy drywall moldy drywall and insulationair scrubbers

Hurricane Moldy Aftermath

Location: Sunny Isles, FL

Problem: AdvantaClean of Hollywood, Aventura, and Pembroke Pines was called out to a beach front apartment after Hurricane Irma. The owner of the unit was really frustrated because he returned to his home to find every wall and personal belonging with a white residue. He was not sure what this was and how it could be treated. He also had asthma and could not be in apartment due to the high levels of contamination. The main issue was he needed to move into the home as soon as possible and needed it sanitized and remediated. He was scared it could be black mold and that it could cause mayor health issues as he is sensitive to any allergen or type of mold. Sunny Isles located in Florida did not have power for 1 week in some placed and the A/C unit was off during a long period of time. AdvantaClean of Hollywood,Aventura and Pembroke Pine inspected every room and documented each room.

Solution: AdvantaClean began by organizing logistics with building association as they were very strict with contractors that enter the building. We are a licensed and insured mold remediation company therefore presented all documentation they required to access the building. Initial mold testing by a third party was taken in order to have a clear scope of work and know what type of mold was found inside the unit.

AdvantaClean began mold remediation by creating plastic barriers called containments to prevent cross contamination and to also ensure we created a negative pressure to filter the air in the entire unit. The most affected areas with mold were the closets, this is because mold frequently collects in carpeting or drywall at the back of closets. Dark, damp and humid closets can be breeding grounds for mold and can spread to clothing or personal items like wild fire. We made sure to remove humidity from entire home by placing dehumidifiers. We micro-cleaned the entire unit with Hepa vacuuming and also wiping down with antibacterial solution. All of his clothing was sent to a specialized dry cleaner that works with mold contaminated clothing. AdvantaClean focused on the building structure of the apartment cleaning walls, ceiling, floors and every-surface with Hepa Vacuum and antibacterial. We left this unit for 72 hours with Hepa air scrubbers which are an air filtration device that replenishs space with clean filtered air. Florida State Post verification testing was done and everything was cleared, no more abnormal microbial activity in the unit. This home owner was very happy and felt a immediate difference in the air quality once he entered the unit. AdvantaClean was happy to help this customer have a healthy home once again.

Containment area for mold remediation moldy materialsAdvantaClean team spraying antibacterial substance to prevent mold from returning




AdvantaClean moisture control

water damage drying

water damage in Hollywood FL

black mold

advantaclean of hollywood aventura and pembrooke pines mold removal serices

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