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Success Stories

Location: Conroe, TX 77385

Problem: The area had flooded twice in the past. Once due to a backed up drain in the men's bathroom and the second time due to excessive rain. When the lockers were removed from a locker room in order to perform some remodeling, a considerable amount of mold was observed in the walls behind the lockers.
During our inspection, we also detected that there was mold behind the rubber base boards in the locker room, as well as bathrooms and a couple of offices.

Solution: Containment was established in whole area and as well subdivided into three different smaller subareas. With negative air established, we proceeded to demo/cut drywall on the two main walls with mold, and afterwards cut drywall at two feet in all areas where there was mold behind the baseboards. We then HEPA vacuumed and applied antimicrobial to all area, and HEPA vacuumed again. As well as we had to remove some of the affected vinyl tiles. Once finalized, we proceeded with the final cleaning and left air scrubbers working over a period of 72 hours. 


Location: Houston, TX 77041

Problem: A homeowner called us on a Friday evening saying that two of their rooms had we carpeting, but the walls were all dry. They had no clue what was causing the carpet to be wet.

Solution: We arrived at the customer's home and inspected the affected areas. We proceeded to take moisture readings and showed the homeowner the results. The moisture readings revealed that the walls had a very high moisture content. (as seen on pictures below). After identifying the affected area, the water source was located in the ceiling and found to be a leaking pipe. We then called one of our referral plumber partners to replace elbow and pipe. AdvantaClean then removed affected drywall, carpet padding and dried carpet in place. 

HoustonSecond1.png IforgotSecond2.png