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Coil CleaningCondenser coils are an all-important part of your HVAC system – it’s incredibly crucial that they are properly taken care of and cleaned, in order to ensure the overall efficiency and longevity of your system as a whole. After all, did you know that having dirty coils can shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system, increase your power costs, and significantly decrease the overall quality of your air? Yikes!

Condenser coils do tend to get pretty dirty, though, which is why it’s so important to schedule regular professional coil cleaning services. AdvantaClean of Houston Central’s team of high-quality, experienced experts is specifically trained in both commercial coil cleaning and HVAC coil cleaning – our team is trained at our national headquarters to successfully restore your HVAC system to its proper, fully-functioning state.


Condenser coils are routinely subjected to all kinds of dust, leaves, weather-related debris, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful materials. This exposure to debris, when combined with the HVAC fan’s constant movement, tends to result in some pretty serious filth! Even lawn clippings, small insects, and lint from a nearby dryer can all contribute to unclean condenser coils.

Unfortunately for your HVAC system, if its condenser coils have gotten dirty and thus aren’t able to function properly, this can mean trouble for the system as a whole. The whole system’s level of efficiency is severely decreased in the face of dirty condenser coils – when coils get dirty, heat transfer from the heated refrigerant to the surrounding air being moved across the condenser fan is severely restricted. And, not only this, but if your HVAC system can’t circulate properly due to grime, it won’t be able to provide sufficiently cool air. This can cause a home or commercial property to feel much warmer than it would have normally – all of which means your comfort level is being compromised.

For over 20 years, AdvantaClean has been highly capable of providing top-notch condenser coil cleaning services – we’re thereigning leaders in all things HVAC and condenser coil-related. Contact our team today if you’re worried about the cleanliness and overall efficiency of your HVAC system!

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