basement moisture from water damage in Houston, TX

Basement Moisture in Houston: Why Problems Occur

Let’s face it: a dark, damp basement isn’t just a stereotype from a horror film – these are often extremely dirty, musty places! Unfortunately for homeowners in Houston, basement moisture buildup can occur fairly easily, considering how susceptible these rooms are to leaks and other undetected water sources.

Most basement moisture control issues are a direct result of a few different factors – these factors can range from a general lack of air circulation to improper grading, to insufficient guttering. However, there are solutions to fighting this unpleasant occurrence of moisture – the key is basement humidity control! Controlling the level of humidity and moisture that occurs in your basement will help stave off mold growth and the multitude of problems that comes along with it. This is where AdvantaClean of Houston Central comes in – our team of experts is trained to diagnose any basement moisture-related issues, and implement preventative and corrective procedures where they deem necessary.

Basement Moisture: Solutions

To combat pesky basement moisture buildup, the AdvantaClean of Houston Central team offers a variety of effective solutions – all designed to prevent harmful moisture buildup and potential mold growth!

  • Basement Cleaning. Thanks to the presence of unwanted moisture and rodents, basements can be pretty unclean places – and, a dirty basement can really lead to some unpleasant occurrences! (Mold and basements tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly.) However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case – AdvantaClean technicians are skilled at providing only the best in basement cleaning services, for both commercial and residential properties.
  • Basement Weatherproofing. If certain preventative measures are not taken, basements can really suffer from weatherproofing issues. There are many factors that go into weatherproofing your basement – doors and windows should be properly sealed, plumbing should be properly insulated, and foundations should be regularly monitored for potential cracks. AdvantaClean can assist with all of your basement weatherproofing needs!
  • Basement Dehumidifiers. Basement dehumidifier systems help to dry and circulate air through your basement – thus ensuring that the surrounding environment stays mold-free! This is key in not only eliminating that distinctly musty smell that permeates your basement, but also in making sure that you and your loved ones aren’t getting sick from basement-created moisture and mold.

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