AdvantaClean of Houston Central's Case Studies

Mold Cleaning In Air Ducts

Location: Bellaire, TX 77401

Problem: Condensation happened in the air duct, leading to a substantial mold growth inside the air vent, insulation boot and partially inside the air duct.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Houston Central helped the customer by explaining the process of how to clean the mold from the supply air vent, so the problem could resolve safely. We started by putting an air scrubber in place, so that any mold spore in the air could be trapped. Next, we HEPA vacuumed for the first time so all the loose spores would be contained. We proceeded to remove the air vent, insulation boot, and discard those as the mold procedure stated. After everything was removed, we cleaned the area with anti-microbial and HEPA vacuumed again. After everything was clean, the new insulation boot was installed, a coat of insulation was applied to help prevent the mold from returning.

Mold Cleaning In Air Ducts Mold Cleaning for Air Vent Covers

Exhaust Duct Cleaning in Gym Locker Room

Location: Sugarland, TX 77478

Problem: Lifetime Fitness had a dirty exhaust duct in the locker rooms. Regular use of locker room exhaust for over 10 years resulted in substantial amounts of build-up in the ducts and reduced airflow.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Houston Central performed air duct cleaning to rid the exhaust duct from debris. We conducted a thorough cleaning of the duct work with the system under negative pressure (vacuum) to collect and remove disturbed dust and build-up found along the system. Removed, cleaned and sanitized all exhaust covers, and cleaned exhaust fan on the roof of the building improving the system performance and efficiency.

air duct cleaning performed in a Lifetime Fitness in Houston, TX dirty exhaust air duct cleaning in Houston, TX  dirt and debris coming out of the lifetime fitness air duct dust dirt and debris in the air ducts dust in the air duct handler in Lifetime Fitness air duct cleaning improves indoor air quality air duct cleaning after shot in Houston, TX commercial air duct cleaning in Houston, TX

Water Leak at Clothing Store

Location: Baytown, TX 77520

Problem: Water damage was cause by a pipe leak. Water damage affected the floor, carpet, shelves and walls. An overnight leak from water line in the restroom resulted in wet carpet, drywall and furniture that was found the next morning.

Solution: Emergency Water Damage Clean Up was performed. We responded quickly to begin extracting water and minimize the water damages that could cause mold growth. We began drying the carpets. We removed cove base and determined a method for proper drying of the walls. Lifted furniture to allow drying the furniture and the carpet underneath. and continued to monitor progress for the next 3 days. Building was safely brought back to its initial condition after the water damage was properly removed.

water damage clean up in Houston TX

Birds in Kitchen Hood/Vent

Location: Houston, TX 77007

Problem: Birds entered the kitchen hood vent from the outside louvered cover. Home owner had been hearing the birds and was concerned about contamination. Air duct cleaning and coil cleaning need to be performed. Solution: The range hood was carefully removed and two dead birds were discovered inside the hood. A sizable nest was found inside the air duct. The fan and the hood were contaminated to the extent that they were considered unsanitary for reuse. After disposal of the hood, the air duct was thoroughly cleaned, the nest removed, and the exterior cover was fitted with a screen that prevents birds from going in the vent.

birds nest in air duct air duct cleaning caused by a bird in the vent

Mold Removal in the Attic (AdvantaClean Of Houston Central)

Location: Houston, TX 77004

Problem: A homeowner discovered mold on one of the attic walls. A recurring small roof leak caused the growth of suspect mold on one of the attic's walls at a residential property. The homeowner contacted AdvantaClean with her concern, looking for a solution that would be safe for her family.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Houston Central performed the mold remediation to safely remove all contaminated materials. The remediation was conducted after containment (plastic barrier) had been built around the area and under negative pressure (vacuum) in order to prevent contamination to other parts of the building. All materials the were exposed to mold were sanitized and dried.

black mold growth attic mold removal black mold found in the attic of a Houston home attic mold remediation after black mold was found

Water Trapped in Behind Ceiling

Location: Houston, TX 77007

Problem: After a roof leak had been repaired, the home owners were left with a big water stain on the ceiling and some of the paint coming off. They were concerned that there may still be moisture on and behind the ceiling that could potentially lead to a mold issue in the future.

Solution: AdvantaClean inspected the ceiling and found excessive moisture on the drywall. A plan of action was discussed with the home owner and we proceeded to remove parts of the ceiling and continue to measure moisture behind the drywall. It was found that much of the plywood and wood beams were very wet, even thought the leak had occurred weeks earlier. After removing just enough drywall to gain sufficient access to the wet materials, we set up fans and a dehumidifier in order to dry all materials. 24 hours later all materials tested "dry" and the area is ready for new drywall.

drywall water damage water damage in the baseboard of the ceiling water damage drying in Houston water damage extraction

Mold in Kitchen

Location: Houston, TX 77036

Problem: After a plumbing leak, contamination was found inside the bottom kitchen cabinets, under the sink and behind the washer and dryer. Because of the extent of contamination, it was not safe to remove materials without taking some safety precautions.

Solution: AdvantaClean of Houston Central helped the customer with the steps to resolve the situation and performed a mold remediation. After the area was contained with plastic sheeting and placed under a vacuum, the bottom cabinets were removed, which lead to the discovery of more contamination on the drywall behind them. The drywall was also removed and the wood studs were cleaned and treated. After a third-party final inspection and clearance, the area was safe and ready for reinstalling cabinets.

black mold after water damage AdvantaClean of Houston Central Black Mold Remediation black mold behind sink black mold behind dryer washing machine black mold removal mold removal precaution mold black mold removal on beams

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