Mold Removal in Kendall, FL

The Florida climate and seasonal weather changes can often cause mold to grow in various places in the home. Mold in the home can be very dangerous, especially in the case of black mold, and can cause the family and pets in the home to become ill. When you need to have a mold situation taken care of, whether it's a residential or commercial property, it's important to choose professionals who are experienced in mold removal and mold remediation. We work with clients in Kendall, FL, and the surrounding areas to promptly remove mold issues.

Causes of Mold

Living in the Kendall, FL, area means that your home likely deals with year-round humid weather, as well as strong storms, and possibly hurricanes. These can lead to flooding and water damage in different areas of your home like the attic, bathroom, or garage. Mold spores are everywhere, indoors and outdoors, but they thrive and grow in colonies in areas where dampness remains. When you have damp conditions in your home, you have the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Initial Mold Inspectionmold removal

Not all mold is visible, and while you can often detect dampness or an off-putting smell in the areas where mold is prominent, it's important to treat all areas that may have issues. We complete a thorough mold inspection of a property to ensure that all mold areas are found and removed. This process may include moving furniture and other items in the home to complete a thorough search.

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Process

Since we are highly trained in the causes of mold and the best ways to deal with the problems, we are very thorough in our mold removal process. The removal process involves isolating the affected areas during treatment. The air in the home can be cleaned with HEPA filters to remove spores in the air. Most importantly, we have the most up to date equipment and products needed to remove the mold from the problem areas in your home.

Dealing with Black Mold

If you've experienced issues with black mold at your home or business, it's essential to get that taken care of as quickly as possible. This type of mold can be particularly hazardous, which is why our mold removal experts in Kendall, FL, have emergency 24/7 service. We work quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely, to ensure that all residue of mold is removed. We help property owners by finding the source of mold, so that any issues can be taken care of to prevent further problems.

If you have a home or commercial property in the Kendall, FL, area and need a mold inspection, mold removal and mold remediation service, call us to set up an appointment. We understand that a mold situation is time sensitive and we work closely with our clients to inspect quickly so that the mold remediation process can begin in a timely manner. Our EPA and OSHA certified professionals will give you the peace of mind, that the job will be done thoroughly and correctly to avoid any future mold occurrences.

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