Mold, Water, & Air Duct Cleaning in Woodstock, GA

Do you need environmental cleaning for your home or business? Then you can't go wrong by turning to AdvantaClean. We don't provide the usual sort of janitorial services; our focus is on projects like mold removal and flood damage restoration. We belong to a national brand that has opened hundreds of locations in its more than 20-year history, so we work according to high industry standards.

Our location in Woodstock, GA, like our sister locations, is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies. Read on to see what it is we do.

Mold Removal

Whether you find mold that's black and slimy or white and fuzzy, chances are it's dangerous in large quantities. Let us come over for mold remediation because we carry high-tech equipment like HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers. After we're done vacuuming, we'll wipe down surfaces with a powerful antimicrobial chemical. If a surface retains its mold - it's to be expected if the material is porous - then we'll encapsulate it.

Our certified experts can conduct mold inspections. By going from room to room with our mold testing and detection kits, we can measure the presence of this fungus in the atmosphere and determine if it's over the safe limit. Mold has a distinctly musty odor, which we'll recognize immediately.

We're proud to present ways for customers to keep mold growth from becoming a reality. For instance, with crawl space encapsulation, we can reduce humidity and water condensation in this vulnerable part of your property.

Water Damage Restoration

For mitigation, all you have to do is take advantage of our 24-hour availability. Our technicians have tackled everything from natural disasters to leaky pipes and broken toilets, and we know all the right methods for water removal and interior drying and sanitizing. Whatever has received water damage will be moved outside; if you're going to file an insurance claim, we'll advise that you throw nothing away, as you'll most likely need to present physical evidence. (Our company can help anyone with the paperwork.)

Our company can handle special jobs like pinpointing the origin of flooding behind a wall; since we have EPA lead-safe certification, we won't have any problem with walls that contain lead-based paint.

After we're done, we might recommend preventative measures like basement waterproofing. While a dehumidifier can benefit this area, laying a concrete sealant on your walls will create a durable barrier against water vapor and, thus, against mold and mildew growth.

Air Duct Cleaning

AdvantaClean is known for tackling smaller tasks like air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Both should be done on a regular basis because on the one hand, debris can obstruct the flow of air and lessen air quality, while on the other hand, lint will strain the dryer and perhaps start a fire. Our team cleans both vents and ducts no matter where they're located or how long they are.

We follow the health regulations set down by OSHA and the EPA, and we're certified through several professional organizations.

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