Dryer Vent Cleaning in Knoxville


dryer vent cleaning in Knoxville

Each year, thousands of fire outbreaks take place that stem from blocked clothes dryers. Losses amounting to over $100 million are incurred in these incidents. Not to mention the horrifying injuries and tragic ending of lives. The regular cleaning of dryer vents can easily help in avoiding these calamities.

Visible Signs of Dryer Vent Problem

  • Dryer vent taking more than one cycle to dry a laundry load
  • Dryer hot to touch due to overheating
  • Sudden hike in energy bills
  • Musty clothes after drying
  • Frequent breakdowns

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning?

A clean dryer vent offers the following benefits:

  • Monetary savings due to lower energy consumption
  • Shorter drying time for clothes
  • Freedom from frequent breakdowns & costly repairs
  • No more hot and smelly clothes after drying
  • Extended lifespan of drying appliances
  • Prevention of fires & toxic gas poisoning


We’re a premier provider of essential light environmental services in the city of Knoxville. When it comes to dealing with a serious issue like clogged dryer vent that has far-reaching repercussions, you can’t get better services than those of AdvantaClean. Hiring our professional technicians means access to full-service for dryer vent cleanup, repair and maintenance. When your dryer’s venting system is jammed due to dust, dirt, debris, pest excreta and lint buildup, it becomes a potential cause for fire disasters.

At AdvantaClean of Knoxville & the Smokies, we take the assistance of innovative equipment and tools to clean dryer vents completely without leaving any mess behind. This is preceded by a full diagnostic inspection of your appliance to decide about the service plan that must be provided to you.

To sum it up, energy savings, dryer vent efficiency, improved indoor air, safety from fire, and savings in terms of time and money are the tangible benefits of scheduled dryer vent cleaning. You may overlook them at your own risk.

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