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AdvantaClean of Knoxville and the Smokies is a Tennessee-based team of professional and reliable experts in light environmental services. We provide services for mold removal, water damage restoration, and air duct cleanings to the Halls, Tennessee area. Available 24/7 for emergency calls and appointment scheduling, we pride ourselves on our ability to service your home or business in a timely manner while providing the best customer service in the industry.


When your home or business is suffering from poor indoor air quality, a mold infestation or damage from a water loss, AdvantaClean of Knoxville and the Smokies is the number one team in the Halls, Tennessee area to service your property. AdvantaClean has been in the light environmental services industry since the mid-90s, so we have the experience to handle any size situation you might encounter. Call us today to schedule your appointment and discuss your options with a knowledgeable customer care representative.


Indoor air quality can negatively affect the health of building occupants who suffer from allergies or other respiratory conditions like asthma. Air duct systems gather contaminants throughout everyday living, building them up inside and redistributing them throughout the whole home. Without regular air duct cleanings, your HVAC system is hazardous to health. AdvantaClean of Knoxville and the Smokies provides residential and commercial air duct cleanings to the Halls, Tennessee area using the National Air Duct Cleaners Association's (NADCA) preferred process of cleaning. Our technicians stay within the strict parameters laid out by NADCA, which means you can depend on us to clean your air ducts the proper way. There are a lot of companies who claim they clean air ducts the right way, but if they aren't using NADCA's process, steer clear. There is only one way to clean air ducts, and our technicians are thoroughly trained in it.


Mold is a plant-like organism that does not require sunlight to live and thrives in the dark, damp areas of your home. Common mold hangouts include your attic, basement and crawlspace. These areas are typically unused other than for convenient storage spaces and are prone to moisture issues. Mold can hide in these and other areas of your home for some time before you notice them and are dangerous to both the home and your occupant's health. Everyone has a different reaction to the presence of mold. Where one person is completely fine, another suffers from migraines or allergy-like symptoms. Persistent health problems with an unknown cause are one of the warning signs there's a mold problem somewhere in the building. Another is a moldy, musty or mildewy smell. When our technicians get onsite, they will look for the source and extent of your mold problem and write up an estimate for removal and go over all your options.

Without solving the source of the moisture issue that caused mold growth, mold can grow again in the future. AdvantaClean offers a variety of moisture control solutions including installation of dehumidifiers, crawlspace encapsulation and basement waterproofing.


It only takes a cup of water to cause damage to your home, and many homes and business suffer from a great deal more than that. A leaky dishwasher supply line, overflowing toilet, backup of sewage and of course weather events can all cause a severe water damage problem in your home. Water losses such as these require immediate assistance to mitigate the water and restore the house from the damage before the repairs costs skyrocket out of control. Our water damage restoration technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification allows us to mitigate and restore your home from any water loss, including a sewage backup, which is called black water. We can handle any situation in your home by extracting the water, performing demolition of unsalvageable materials and setting up fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected areas.

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We provide the residents of Knoxville & The Smokies, with the warm customer care of a local business and the skilled service of a national franchise. AdvantaClean has been improving its work continuously throughout its more than 20-year history.

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