attic moisture in Atlanta, GA

Mold in Attic in Atlanta, GA

Are the rafters in your attic damp? Do you see discoloration?

You may be experiencing the results of elevated levels of moisture in your attic.

Attics are really common places to find moisture. Attics are usually poorly ventilated, allowing moisture to be retained and creating the perfect habitat for mold. Moisture and mold can go unnoticed for a long period of time in an attic and taking corrective action quickly is important.

The excess moisture in your attic can be caused by two things. First, there can be a roof leak. Second, the moisture can be a result of condensation. The condensation formation is a result of warm, moist air penetrating up through the ceiling. When an attic is not properly ventilated, the warm moist air condenses on the underside of the roof and leads to damp staining to attic surfaces.

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